Jaco Pastorius & Word of Mouth

1981-04-13, Seventh Avenue South, New York City, NY

Jaco Pastorius, b
Don Alias, perc
Peter Erskine, dr
Michael Brecker, ts, as
Bob Mintzer ts, bcl

1. Invitation
2. Three Views of a Secret
3. The Chicken
4. Donna Lee
5. JP Solo
6. Fannie Mae
7. [Bass & Percussion]
8. [JP introduces the band]
x1. Continuum
x2. Giant Steps

Total time: 01:20:11

Lineage tracks 1 - 8: master cassette > CD-R > cdparanoia > Audacity (tracking) > FLAC
Lineage tracks x1, x2: master cassette > ? > MP3 256 kb/s (http://ricksuchow.com/music-group-94.html) > FLAC

Note: unknown set list position for x1 and x2


In the winter of 1980, Jaco came to New York and fielded a stellar quintet consisting of Michael Brecker and Bob Mintzer on saxophones, Don Alias on percussion and Erskine on drums. Their first gie together was at the popular Seventh Avenue South nightclub, in which the Brecker Brothers had some financial interest. As Michael Brecker recalls, "For some reason, we couldn't advertise this gig. It had something to do with Jaco still honoring his commitment to Weather Report. As it turned out, the place was packed anyway. The news of that gig spread strictly by word of mouth. And that was how Jaco got the title for the album, and the name for his band."
Mintzer remembers that initial gig as a loose, jamming affair. "It was very much improvised. I had expected Jaco to provide us with all these incredibly thought-out charts, but it was exactly the opposite. There were no charts, and there was hardly any rehearsal at all. The whole thing was very characteristic of Jaco. His attitude for that gig was, 'We'll figure it out later.' He always let a lot of things happen on the bandstand." (131, 132)

Bill Milkowski, "The Extraordinary and Tragic Life of Jaco Pastorius" (2005)