Jaco Pastorius And Word Of Mouth Band - Live @ Olin Hall, Colorado College, Colorado Springs CO November 13, 1983

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Jaco Pastorius - Bass
Melton Mustafa - Trumpet
Alex Foster - Tenor & Soprano Saxes
Mike Stern - Guitar
Don Alias - Percussion
Kenwood Dennard - Drums


01 - Tuning-Intro to Dania
02 - Dania
03 - Bass Solo
04 - Soul Intro-The Chicken
05 - Jaco & Don Alias Duet (with finale of Okonkole Y Trompa)
06 - Don Alias Percussion Solo
07 - Percussion & Chant
08 - New Reggae
09 - Intro to Teen Town
10 - Teen Town
11 - Blackbird-Purple Haze-America-Band Intros
12 - Fannie Mae

Jaco Pastorius & The Word Of Mouth Band
Olin Hall
Colorado College
Colorado Springs

Dated 13th November 1983

Melton Mustafa -trumpet
Alex Foster-Tenor & Soprano Saxes
Mike Stern-Guitar
Jaco Pastorius-Fender Bass
Don Alias-percussion
Kenwood Dennard-Drums

1-Tune up>Percussion>intro (for "Dania")-1:13mins
3-Jaco solo-3:27mins
4-Soul Intro>The Chicken-10:09mins
5-Jaco & Don Alis duet>(with finale of "Okonkole Y Trompa" ) "2:58mins
6-Percussion solo Don Alias>10:11mins
7-Percussion solo/chant >-1:41mins
8->"New Reggae"-13:15mins
9-Jaco solo intro for "Teen Town"-0:23mins
10-"Teen Town"-5:12mins
11-"Blackbird">tune up>"Purple Haze">"America" >Band introductions- 9:32mins
12-"Fannie Mae"-4:08mins

Audience Recording / Total time>68:32mins