Jaco Pastorius & Randy Bernsen 'NRG' - Live @ Jumping Jack's, Fort Lauderdale, FL February or March, 1987

'NRG' (the name of the band)
Jaco Pastorius - Bass
Randy Bernsen - Guitar
drum machine

Soundboard Recording on Cassette Tape (1st or 2nd generation) > CDR in Trade > Sound Forge 10 Pro (fade in/out & editing) > FLAC Level 8 > You!

01 - Bass Solo/Jam #1 (includes excerpts from: The Chicken, Third Stone From the Sun, Purple Haze, Sunshine Of Your Love, Them Changes)
02 - Bass Solo/Jam #2 (includes excerpts from: Them Changes, Purple Haze, Third Stone From the Sun, America)
03 - Bass Solo/Jam #3 (includes excerpts from: Sunshine Of Your Love, Star Spangled Banner)

01 - Bass Solo-Jam #1.flac:8fcc0af43e85f077d0dc6eed73f8518b
02 - Bass Solo-Jam #2.flac:474c73519498447a416b1a10804ba5a7
03 - Bass Solo-Jam #3.flac:78b46fc685b1a844abbd59e460d02ec6

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I don't much about this recording besides what I've typed above which was written on the CD envelope I got in
a trade many years ago. The recording is low generation soundboard of Jaco playing bass with Randy Bernsen on
guitar along with a drum machine. Each track is basically a bass solo and extended jam with excerpts of various
tunes. There's an emcee at the beginning and end of each track introducing Jaco and Randy as 'NRG' which was
the house band at this club, 'Jumping Jacks in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The jams and bass solos are rocking, funky
and full of energy. The date is of this recording in a bit uncertain, but it was definitely in early 1987, just a few
months before Jaco's untimely and tragic death. His bass playing skills are still top notch in this recording. This is
some pretty rare Jaco music from what I was understand. Jaco was truly a pioneer of modern bass playing!