Word of Mouth Band
Albion College
Albion, MI
1982 late April (likely) or early May

Taper: mimymu (thank you!)
Master analog cassette->Sony TCWE305->PC(SoundForge)->
CDWave->master CD>EAC(secure)->FTP 16/44 wave files to blackpage

setlist, some re-tracking, and FLAC8 (aligned-TLH)
-tape flip during Reza (4:49 mark)
-Good quality, clear, master audience recording, listen to samples!!
Jaco hardcores will hopefully correct me with setlist mistakes, I'd appreciate it.
I did my best! Assist by this Jaco database (thank you!):
This tape is the 100 minute version seen on that website.
-some occasional very light recorder (tape hub?) noise during
the very quietest moments. Not very distracting or detracting.

Track breaks were done my mimymu, blackpage(me) combined several tracks to create the Reza medley
when creating this fileset (Sound Forge 9 - no audio processing other than to join wave files)

Word of Mouth Band:

Jaco Pastorius- Bass, Keyboards, Vocals
Randy Brecker- Trumpet, Hand Percussion
Bob Mintzer- Tenor Sax, Bass Clarinet, Flute, Hand Percussion
Othello Molineux- Steel Drums, Percussion
Malando Gassama- Percussion
Peter Erskine- Drums, Percussion

duration: 99m35s

01. Crowd (0:47)
02. Bass Clarinet Intro (2:10)
03. Donna Lee (11:37)
04. Bass Solo/Soul Intro (2:48)
05. The Chicken (8:29)
06. Bass Solo (1:55)
07. Three Views Of A Secret (5:53)
08. Percussion Solo (8:36)
09. Reza//Blackbird/Giant Steps/Reza (13:38)
10. Band Introductions (2:13)
11. Bass Solo (Purple Haze, Funky Broadway, America the Beautiful) (8:41)
12. Mr. Fone Bone (14:56)
13. Encore Crowd..Drum Solo (4:50)
14. John And Mary/Twins (7:57)
15. Fannie Mae (3:37)
16. Crowd (1:28)

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