Jaco Pastorius
July 29th, 1983
Pier 84,

      I am a Pier 84 Junkie Series # 027

I was able to pick this up first in a snail mail trade. Then soon after that a few of you fellow dimer
offer me a copy of this gig. And I am very grateful for the offers. This was my second time seeing
Jaco and my first with his own Band. My first time seeing him was with Weather Report at Avery Fisher
Hall on July 4th 1981 if anyone has that please pm me. I received this as two tracks with about 1:20
over lap on it. So the only thing I did was to track the gig and that is all. I made track one , two
tracks. as the first part is really just the start of the show and not really the first tune. And the
linage is very limited as seems to be the general rule with snail mail trades these days.

Linage :  Aud > unknown equipment  > CD-R > me > EAC > retract with CDwave > TLH level 8,
flac 16  > you, enjoy

  Tracks :

    01:   Pre show Jitters 01:22

    02:    Dania                                           (Pastorius)                             09:54

    03:   Bass Improv                                      (Pastorius)                             00:49

    04:   Soul Intro / The Chicken                       (Pastorius) / (Ellis)                   08:09

    05:   Percussion Solo                                  (Alias)                                 07:33

    06:   New Reggae                                       (Pastorius)                             13:28

    07:   Teen Town                                        (Pastorius)                             07:40

    08:   Sophisticated Lady                               (Ellington/Mills/Parish)                06:43
             Jaco - Toots Duet

    09:    Fannie Mae                                      (Brown)                                 09:06
             with band intro.

  Musicians :

    Delmar Brown                Keybroads, Vocals
    Mike Stern                  Guitar
    Jaco Pastorius              Bass, Vocals
    Don Alias                   Percussions
    Kenwood Dennard          Drums

    Ron Tooley                  Trumpet
    Alex Foster                 Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Clarinet

  Specail Guest
    Toots Thielemans           Harmonica on  tracks 08 & 09

Here is a link to a large list of Jaco known shows


Some Pier 84 shows I would like a recording of, or have more info on. pm me anytime. Thanks

The first two here are part of the same concert above

Second Act:
Lenny White  07/29/83 
The Pier 84,   New York, NY

First Act:
Michael Urbaniak   07/29/83
The Pier 84,   New York, NY

Some more I am intrested in, peace

America   07/30/83
The Pier 84,   New York, NY

Angela Bofill,  07/2?82,  08/13/83, 07/27/84
The Pier 84,   New York, NY

Beach Boys  07/08/83
The Pier 84,   New York, NY

Boy George - Culture Club  09/01/83
The Pier 84,   New York, NY

Dennis Brown  ??/??/83
The Pier 84,   New York, NY

Divynals  07/16/83
The Pier 84,   New York, NY

Joan Armatrading  07/27/83 & 07/25/86
The Pier 84,   New York, NY

Larry Carlton   08/13/83
The Pier 84,   New York, NY

Men at Work,  08/01/83
The Pier 84,   New York, NY

Renaissance   0730//83
The Pier 84,   New York, NY

Rick Danko & Levon Helm  08/03/83
The Pier 84,   New York, NY

The Animals 07/22/83
The Pier 84,   New York , NY

The Tubes  07/13/83
The Pier 84,     New York, NY

Tina Turner     07/26/83
The Pier 84,   New York, NY

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If you have any info about this concert and or this recording, Please tell or pm me here.

Finally, Please help out this Junkie and feed me some Pier 84 shows often.