Jaco Pastorius Word of Mouth Band
The Bottom Line
New York City USA
October 19, 1983

Sound Quality? Strong B+? check samples!

Jaco Pastorius b
Mike Stern g
Alex Foster ts, ss
Melton Mustafa tp
Kenwood Dennard dr
Don Alias perc

CD 1

T1. JP solo - 1:10
T2. Dania- 15:25
T3. JP solo- 1:10
T4. Donna Lee- 14:35
T5. JP solo- 2:44
T6. Soul Intro/The Chicken- 9:32

CD 2

T1. JP solo> Okonkole Y Trompa> America- 4:01
T2. perc. solo 6:01
T3. New Reggae - 16:51
T4. Fannie Mae 3:55
T5. Teen Town 7:16

Got this in a trade long ago. Not sure if it's been up here already or not but I don't think so. Actually, I don't think it's well circulated (there's no listing at db.etree, anyway). Pretty good recording, IMO- No worse than any of those "live in New York City" series of boots that came out in the 80'. Saw this line-up as well as the WOB BB in 82' in SF,CA & feel fortunate as hell.; )



PS- while on the topic of Jaco: Several years ago, I uploaded a 3 CD Jaco with Brian Melvin from the Dock in Tiburon from a DAT source with significant hiss. I was really hoping somebody would tackle a remaster but none have surfaced. I know it's from right near the end but he still pretty good that night-IMO. Please.... somebody... Thanks in advance