Jaco Pastorius Word of Mouth Band
Houston, TX
November 8, 1983
*First Show

SBD>?>CDr from trade>EAC>retracked with CD Wave>Normalize & amplify w/ Audacity>FLAC

* A- master or low gen from sbd but mix could be better

Jaco Pastorius b
Mike Stern g
Alex Foster ts, ss
Melton Mustafa tp
Kenwood Dennard dr
Don Alias perc

T1 JP solo(in progress)>Dania
T2 JP solo
T3 Soul Intro/The Chicken
T4 bass and perc solo>Okonkole Y Trompa> perc solo
T5 New Reggae>Who Knows
T6 JP solo
T7 Teen Town
T8 JP solo (incl America & Purple Haze)
T9 Fannie Mae

*This came as 3 tracks so I retracked it with CD Wave.

*T4 is often faint. Part of the reason, I gathered from seeing these guys in 83', is that Don Alias (RIP) straps on a conga & goes out into the crowd & is therefore "off mic". Also, due to the sbd mix on this, the crowd is barely audible as are some other quieter moments in the music. Simply... you may have to crank up some parts a bit.

* Basic info was lifted off of Len Pogost's Jaco Database. Thanks again, Len P.

Not sure if this post peak Jaco with the WOM Small Band has made the rounds here but it is a decent sbd & show so here it goes...