Jakob Dylan (Wallflowers)
June 16th, 2006
Mystic Theater
Petaluma, California, USA
Opening for T-Bone Burnette

recorded by Mike_markov@Yahoo.com

Core Directionals>Sony MZR900>Cool Edit>WAV>FLAC


This one has some warts, a lot of them. My new phone caused a ton
of interference everytime it would synch for email. So.... every
three minutes or so there was a nasty static discharge on the recording.
What I have done was to replace the static with silence, sometimes it was a
few seconds and sometimes it's longer. I've been hoping someone would post
a show from this mini tour but I have yet to see anything pop up
so I thought I'd still go ahead and post this warts and all. Every song is

I went ahead and did this just so I'd have a rememberance of the show and
for anyone else who wants it just because.

01. Letters From The Wasteland
02. Up From Under
03. How Far Youve Come
04. Closer To You
05. Here He Comes
06. Days Of Wonder
07. Empire Of My Mind
08. The Beatiful Side Of Somewhere