Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey
Gathering Of The Vibes
Redhook, NY
(Side Stage)

01 Intro
02 Fourth Aye
03 The Muppet Babies Get Lost at the State Fair>
04 Muskogee Smalls
05 Daily Wheet Grass Shots Burned a Brand New Pathway Through My Brain
06 The Time is Now
07 No Method

Brian Hass - Keys
Richard Hass - Drums
Reed Mathis - Bass

Source: (at the soundboard LOC) AKG C3000 (Card)> Tascam DA-P1> Sony D8 (@ 44.1k).

Transfer: DAT> Fostex D5> Edirol R-44 (on a San Disk Extreme 3 8gb HDSC card)> card reader> PC> Samplitued SE NO.9 (fade in/out)> CD Wave (tracked and converted to flac).

Taper's name is unknown.
Patched and transfered by: Ed Guidry (tufflitestudios@yahoo.com)

There may be some wind, however, this should sould sound better than the other source being circulated on archive.org.