Jacob Stiefel & the Truth
SXSW Overflow Fest 2014
Super Happy Fun Land
Houston, TX

Lineage: Zoom Q3HD (Recording (24/96 stereo .wav)) > Audacity (normalize, hard limit, split tracks & convert to 16/44.1 wav) > Trader's Little Helper (Convert to flac8)

recorded by bradleybee

JS&tT20140323t01 (4:25)
JS&tT20140323t02 (3:48)
JS&tT20140323t03 (6:07)
JS&tT20140323t04 (4:06)
JS&tT20140323t05 (3:25)
JS&tT20140323t06 (4:06)
JS&tT20140323t07 (4:03)
JS&tT20140323t08 (4:03) Can't Get Enough (Bad Company cover)
JS&tT20140323t09 (6:42)
JS&tT20140323t10 (4:12)
JS&tT20140323t11 (3:33)
JS&tT20140323t12 (3:09)

The SXSW Overflow Fest is an annual Houston event that hosts international bands on their way to/from Austin for the SXSW festival and occasional local artists. I taped all the bands from the 9th through the 19th, the 22nd & the 23rd, and only lost one set due to an SD card failure. I was sick and missed all bands that played on the 20th & 21st.

The lineup for the fifteenth and final night of the festival was:

Jacob Stiefel & the Truth (Nashville) 9pm.
(Country/Southern Rock)

The Matchsellers (Indiana) 10pm.
(Folk and Bluegrass)

Polyan & the Johnson Sisters (Los Angeles) 11pm.
(Rock and Roll)


If you want me to post a 24/96 flac version then add a comment or send me a PM.