Location: Oakwood Centre, Rotherham, England
Date: 28 Nov 1999
Source: Audience
Transfer: CD-R from trade 100 years ago > EAC > FLAC Level 8 > you
Sound Quality: B+/A- in my rating and ears....

1 Sleepwalk
2 Alive Inside
3 Giraffe Chairot
4 Batstein
5 The World On Our Side
6 No Sacrifice
7 More Than Meets The Eye
8 Wonderful World
9 Isolation
10 Holding Your Breath
11 Blues Jam*
12 Genesis song*, forgot the name
13 The Beginning And The End

Gary Chandler - Guitar & Vocals
Stephen Christey - Drums
Martin Orford (IQ) - Keyboards & Backing Vocals
John Jowitt (IQ) - Bass
*Steve Hackett & Peter Banks

Im cleaning up external hard drives, dusty shelves, boxes etc and
do some re-runs of boots I've previously upped and some newies as well
before the stuff is stored away.

Jadis promoting their forthcoming great album Understand.
One of my all-time faves for sure. Sadly not a well-known band
outside the prog circuits.

This is intended for free trade only. Do not buy or sell!!

Enjoy the mucic
Upped on Dime by Hanshcv October 2011