<body text="#000000" bgcolor="#aaaaaa">Time the Conqueror Tour <br>Jackson Browne <br>Manchester Apollo <br>Monday 30th March 2009 <br>8.00pm <br> <br>Fine dry evening <br>Edirol R-09HR - HDD - Roxio Sound Editor - Traders Little Helper - Flac 8 <br>Relz Audio Stereo Mics <br>Centre Stage a few rows back <br>Set List <br> <br>1 Boulevard <br>2 Everywhere I Go <br>3 Barricades of Heaven <br>4 Fountain of Sorrow <br>5 Band Introductions <br>6 Time the Conqueror <br>7 Off of Wonderland <br>8 Live Nude Cabaret <br>9 Giving That Heaven Away <br>10 Doctor My Eyes/Just My Imagination <br>11 Something Fine <br>12 For a Dancer <br>13 These Days <br>14 For Taking the Trouble <br>15 Lives in the Balance <br>16 Going Down to Cuba <br>17 Late for the Sky <br>18 Just Say Yeah\par <br>19 Bright Baby Blues <br>20 Running on Empty <br>21 Take it Easy <br>22 I am a Patriot <br> <br>Kevin McCormick (bass), Mark Goldenberg (guitars), Mauricio Lewak (drums) and Jeff Young (keyboards, backing vocals). They have been with Browne since 1993's I'm Alive, playing on Looking East ('96) and The Naked Ride Home ('02) as well. For Time The Conqueror, they're joined by new members Chavonne Morris and Alethea Mills, vocalists Browne met in 2001 when they were attending Washington Preparatory High School in South Los Angeles and singing with Fred Martin & The Levite Camp. <br> <br>I have tracked this recording so that all the chat is at the end of the track. Sound was a a little off at the beginning but improved quickly. The beginning of the second half was a little quiet so I have boosted the volume a little. There was bit of clipping for the last three songs but tolerable I think. <br>