Jackson Browne

Revisiting the Albums Live

(Featuring Stories Shared)

Vol. 6--Hold Out (1980)

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This is the sixth volume in a series which looks back at Jackson Browne's commercial albums by incorporating on-stage stories and radio interviews concerning the albums and their songs with selected live performances of each song in the original order from the album. In addition to the initial trip through the album, this volume includes alternate performances of 3 of the songs.

Jackson Browne’s sixth album, Hold Out was released in June 1980 and went straight to #1. (It was certified platinum within 3 months of release and stayed on the charts for 38 weeks.) The first single, "Boulevard" reached #19 and the follow-up single "That Girl Could Sing" reached #22. The album contained only 7 songs, and although all of them were played on the tour supporting the album, after 1987, Jackson no longer performed “Disco Apocalypse, “ “Hold Out,” “Of Missing Persons,” or “Hold On Hold Out” while touring. “Boulevard” and “That Girl Could Sing” have been performed on several band tours since then, however, and “Call It a Loan” has been a staple on Jackson’s acoustic tours. Hold Out is an album of which Jackson has seldom spoken, only briefly sharing the origin of 4 of the songs with his audiences.

Except for the alternate version of “Boulevard” (2009), all of the musical tracks here are from performances from 1980 through 1987. The 1980 performances include David Lindley in the band, as does the acoustic duet of “Call It a Loan” from 1987. The other band tracks are from performances from after Lindley left to pursue his own musical career.

Most importantly: The intent of these volumes is to introduce you to Jackson Browne's albums or to renew your appreciation of them. All of Jackson's albums are still available, and hopefully if you don't have all of them or need new copies, this will encourage you to purchase them. They are available at Jackson's own web site (www.jacksonbrowne.com) and at Amazon.com.

Vol. 6 (69:36)
01. Introductory Chat about Songwritng--Media America 2.21.94.
02. Intro to Disco Apocalypse--Source Unknown
03. Disco Apocalypse--Osaka 11.13.80
04. Hold Out--Osaka 11.13.80
05. Intro to That Girl Could Sing--Osaka 11.13.80 & London 6.12.94
06. That Girl Could Sing--London 7.15.82
07. Intro to Boulevard--Media America 2.21.94
08. Boulevard--Mountain View 8.23.86
09. Intro to Of Missing Persons--Cleveland 9.18.80
10. Of Missing Persons--Osaka 11.13.80
11. Call It a Loan--Osaka 11.13.80
12. Hold On Hold Out--London 7.15.82
13. Boulevard (Alternate Version)--Adelaide 3.15.09
14. Intro to Call It a Loan (Alternate Version)--Santa Cruz 5.18.87
15, Call It a Loan (Acoustic Version)--Santa Cruz 5.19.87
16. Hold On Hold Out (Alternate Version)--Osaka 11.13.80

On Tracks 03, 04, 08, 11, and 16 the band was:
Jackson Browne (voc,g)
David Lindley (g, vio)
Bob Glaub (b)
Russ Kunkel (dr)
Craig Doerge (p)
Bill Payne (key)
Rosemary Butler (bkg voc)
Doug Haywood (bkg voc, g)

Playing on Tracks 6 & 12 were:
Jackson Browne (voc, g)
Rick Vito (bkg g, voc)
Russ Kunkel (dr)
Bob Glaub (b)
Craig Doerge (key)
Danny Kortchmar (g)
Doug Haywood (bkg g, voc)

The musicians on Track 13 were:
Jackson Browne (voc, g)
Kevin McCormick (b)
Mark Goldenberg (g)
Mauricio Lewak (dr)
Jeff Young (key,bkg voc)
Alethea Mills (bkg voc)
Chavonne Morris (bkg voc)

On Track 15, David Lindley (g, voc) performs with Jackson