James Brown
Merrillville, IN
Holiday Star Theatre
1St Seeded On Dime 2011-11-25

A Chicagoblues Master Recording Ftv-12

Record: Iawa Cm-30>Sony Tcd5-M>Maxell Mx90
Playback Nakamichi Zx-79/Azymuth Aligned>R-09Hr 24/96>Sdhc Cl10>Hd>16 441W/Adobe Aud>
Splits W/Cwav>Tlh>Flac8 (Aligned On Sector Boundires)
Location 10Th Row - Sec 5 - Seat 504

James Brown Was Truely The Hardest Working Man In Show Business. To See Him And Maceo And Gang
Give It Their All Was Moving To Say The Least. I Had The Good Fortune To See James Brown Quite
A Few Times. This Show Was One Of The Best. Besides Some Of His Classic Dance Moves, He Would
Do Things To Freak Out The Audience. It Was Funny To Watch Him Holding The Mic Stand While He
Was Leaning Over The Front Row, Throwing It Forward Until It Almost Hits Someone In The Front
Row And Then Pulling It Back With A Snap Of The Cord. When You See The Great Musicians Of The
50'S & 60'S In The 80'S, Your Mind Flashes Back To The Great Videos Like The "Tami Show" And
Others. What You See On Stage Is Live In Color And So Cool To See.

The Holiday Star Theater Was, And Is, A Beautiful Theater Located About 1 Hour South Of Chicago
In Merrillville, In. So Many Greats Have Played There Over Time. Its Small, Yet Has The Classic
Theater Feel To It/ All The Balcony Seats Are Great Seats. It Was Originally Owned By Holiday
Inn And Called The "Holida Star Theater" It Went Through Various Other Owners And Has Been The
Raddison "Star Plaza Theater" For A Long Time Now.

So I Submit For Your Aproval, Somewhere Between Light And Shadow, The Hardest Working Man In Showbiz..

Jaaaaaaammmmmmes Broooown Jaaaaammmmmes Brooooooooown


01) Intro "Welcome To The James Brown Show" 1:06
02) ?? 10:19
03) Jb Intro>Jam 5:26
04) Living In America 5:28
05) Gonna Have A Funky Good Time 4:49
06) Try Me 4:51
07) Cold Sweat 3:10
08) I Can't Stand Myself(When You Touch Me) 4:30
09) Prisoner Of Love 8:29 ^
10) Get Up Offa That Thing 6:53
11) It's A Man's Man's Man's World 8:09
12) Get On The Good Foot 2:31
13) Jb Exits>Papa's Got A Brand New Bag>James Brown Intro> 2:28
14) I Feel Good (I Got You) 3:35
15) Please, Please, Please 2:22
16) Jam 1:29
17) Sex Machine 4:40
18) Living In America 4:05

^ Tape Flip Occured Around 6:40 About 2 Seconds Missing
Files Appended. Noticible, But Not Bad

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