James Brown
August 23, 1997
Empire Expo Center-NYS Fairgrounds
Syracuse ,New YorK

Source: 2-AKG C460's W/CK-1X Cardiod>Active Cables( Hat Mode )F.O.B>
Nueman BS-48I Pre-Amp>Sony D-7 DAT @ 16/48

DAT Transfer: Sony D-10 Pro II>SP/DIF>Sound Devices 702 @16/48 July 2021

Compact Flash Transfer: CD Wave Editor>Traders Little Helper F.L.A.C. Encoded

Location: Track L/C Row 18 Seat 16 Taper: Terry Sullivan

01 Intro Jam>
02 Livin' In America
03 Get Up Offa That Thing
04 Foxy Lady Jam
05 Prisoner of Love Intro>
06 Prisoner of Love
07 Try Me
08 I've Got That Feelin'
09 It's A Man's World
10 Soul Power
11 I Got You (I Feel Good)
12 Please, Please, Please
13 Get Up (I Feel Like Being a) Sex Machine

The Great New York State Fair

Track 5 False ID So I Called It Inro ......
Shit Happpens !