James Brown

Chicago, Illinois

April 26 1981

Park West

Recorded on a small mono cassette recorder with
built-in mic.

First Generation Cassette>Tascam130>ProToolsLE>wav>flac

My first time seeing 'The King of Soul himself'.
You don't hear my voice on here but,
there were some rather drunk and chatty friends with me
this night. At one point they are fairly incredulous about seeing
someone 'get on the good foot'.

The man introducing The James Brown Show at the beginning
of track one sounds like Al Sharpton, he was always traveling with
James in those days.

01 Opening Instrumental
02 Kansas City Instrumental
03 Celebration
04 Introduction of the female backup singers
06 He's So Shy
07 'Are You Ready For The Godfather of Soul'
08 'Star Time' 'Let's Call The King of Soul Himself'
09 Rapp Payback
10 It's Too Funky In Here
11 Gonna Have A Funky Good Time
12 Try Me
13 Get On The Good Foot
14 Prisoner Of Love
15 I Got The Feelin'
16 Bodyheat
17 Cold Sweat
18 Please Please Please
19 Jam
20 Sex Machine