The existing torrent at is a dub to PCM compressed to FLAC. This is the original MP2 stream of the broadcast.

James Carter Quintet
Wiener Kammeroper, Jazzfest Wien/Austria, 9th July 2008 (MP2)

James Carter, ss (#1, #2), ts (#2), bcl (#3), fl (#4)
Curtis Taylor, tp
Gerard Gibbs, p
Ralphe Armstrong, b
Leonard King, dr


01 Chant In The Night.mp2 15:44
02 Song Of Delilah.mp2 16:24
03 Shadow Sands.mp2 14:03
04 Dodo's Bounce.mp2 15:29

TT: 1:01:40

source: DVB-S@256, 48kHz > raw data > ProjextX > mp3DirectCut > mp2
(lossy recording seeded in its original broadcast codec)