James Cotton
Vets’ Hall
San Luis Obispo, CA
SLO Blues Society
Halloween Show

Digital Soundboard; Mackie 24 Channel Mixing Board (Stereo Mix) >RCA >Tascam DA-P1 (16bit/44.1khz)

DAT Master Transferred: Sony PCM-R500 >S/PDIF >Tascam HD-2P
WAV >iZotope RX6 Advanced & Har-Bal 3.0 > (Balance Adjusted And Increased By 6.5(L) And 7dB(R), Reducing Selected Peaks In The Right Channel To Prevent Clipping.) >
Audacity (Track Splits) >FLAC (Level 8) + Tags Via xACT 2.39

Recorded By OldNeumanntapr
Transferred By Terry Watts
iZotope / Har-Bal Post Production By Flying M

James Henry Cotton (July 1, 1935 – March 16, 2017) RIP

Set I:
01 //Ride With Me Baby
02 Cotton intro >
03 Fire Down Under The Hill
04 Blow Wind Blow
05 Love Me Or Leave Me
06 Going Down Main Street
07 I'm Ready
08 You Don't Have To Go
09 That's Alright
10 Got My Mojo Workin' >
Off The Wall
11 MC Outro

Set II:
01 MC Intro
02 Pinetop's Boogie Woogie
03 Tore Down
04 Cotton Intro >
The Creeper
05 Early In The Morning
06 Rocket 88
07 Cross My Heart
08 Ninety Nine
09 The Key (To Your Door)
10 Where Were You (When The Evening Sun Went Down)
11 Don't Start Me Talking
12 It Must Be Sunday Morning//

Band Lineup
James Cotton - Harmonica, Vocals
David Maxwell - Piano
Rico McFarland - Guitar, vocals on set2t03
Darrell Nulisch - Vocals, Harmonica on set2t08 and 09

OldNeumanntapr Notes-
This was the last time that I was to see ‘Mr. Super’, James Cotton. He was an excellent harmonica player, though in his later years I thought his voice was shot. He doesn’t seem to sing much on this recording. I was fortunate enough to get a nice stereo mix for this one.

I had my Tascam DA-P1 in a bag, under the board, because we did NOT have permission for this one. The road manager even stopped by to ask Jack, the soundman, 'You don't have any tape decks, do you?' Oh no, not at all. I’ve been waiting for a long time to let this one out, and I hope people enjoy it and not try making a buck off my recording or the, deceased, artist’s work.

It was a bit worrysome. My DAT ran out before the show ended, so I unplugged the cables and ran the bag with the deck out to the truck before the house lights came on. The beginning of the show is cut because, as I remember, someone from the band was hanging around the board area when the show started and it would have been a dead giveaway to be seen bending down and reaching into the bag to start the DAT.

Thanks to Flying M for his expertise with the post production work.

Do NOT Convert To MP3.
Enjoy! Share freely, don’t sell, play nice, don’t run with scissors, etc. ;)