James Cotton
April 28, 2012
Turner Hall Ballroom,
Milwaukee, WI

Field recording rig: Sonic Studios DSM-6P binaural mikes>Zoom H2 wav recorder @ 16/44.1

Lineage;SD memory card>PC>tracked with wavepad.
flac (level 8) and checksums created with traderslittlehelper

Field recording and all mastering by arfarf, 2012-04-29

-Disc One- -42:59-

01 //Inst.
02 When You Leave
03 Can't Save A Dime
04 James Cotton intro>Inst.
05 Fire Down Under The Hill
06 Goodbye Baby
07 Love Me Or Leave Me
08 Going Down Main Street
09 Honest I Do

-Disc Two- -44:03-

01 -song intro by Cotton-
02 Rocket 88
03 That's All Right
04 You Don't Have To Go
05 Have You Ever Been In Love
06 Don't Start Me Talking
07 Got My Mojo Workin'
08 Sweet Home Chicago
09 The Creeper>James Cotton outro

Notes: Setlist is shaky, especially disc 1, any help greatly welcome.
Disc change is seamless.
First song is missing starting chord or 2.

As always, I am offering this in hopes that it be further shared.
My bandwidth is limited, so all are welcome and encouraged
to share this on other trackers, make copies for friends, etc.
"Don't even think about it, just do it." -Bob Weir