James Cotton
Date: 1 February 2008
Venue: Maui Arts & Cultural Center
Location: Kahului, Maui

Lineage: Audio Reality binaural mics > Sony RH1 (HiSP 256kbps) >
Sonic Stage to PC/WAV > Cool Edit Pro (tracking) > flac

Location: 6th Row close to center

Willie K and the Maui Tribe Blues Band opened. What a great set!
Even the crowd was yelling for hana hou, he didn't come out
for an encore. Unfortunately, there were some recording problems
so I missed the first 2 songs (close to 20 minutes). If anyone
is interested in getting what I DO have, post a reply and we
can work something out.

As far as James Cotton Blues Band...
It seemed like the band was having a good time, especially with the
crowd participation in, "Sweet Home Chicago". In fact, towards the end
of the tune, James Cotton got up out of his chair and did a
little dance, well, shuffle.

The short change in vocal levels in track 4 is because Slam Allen
walked to the front of the stage and sang without the aid of
stage microphones (what a voice!).

Also, help with the setlist would be greatly appreciated.

1) Intro
2) ?? Instrumental ??
3) Let The Good Times Roll
4) I've Been Down (?)
5) --James Cotton walks in-- instrumental (??)
6) ??
7) My Heart's Gonna Break (??)
8) Something Strange (??)
9) Take You Downtown
10) That's Alright
11) ??
12) Sweet Home Chicago
13) Got My Mojo Workin'
14) ??
15) Encore - ??