James Cotton Blues Band
Bull Run Restaurant
Shirley, Massachusetts
February 21, 2015

An Imperfect Gravy Recording (IPG-237)

Lineage: Audio Reality > Tascam DR-07mkII @ 16/44.1 > PC > Audacity 2.0.3 (amplification & tracking) > TLH (FLAC 8) > Dime

Sound Quality: Let the samples be your guide.

01. [tuning]
02. Instrumental
03. Instrumental
04. The Harder I Work
05. Instrumental
06. Instrumental
07. Blow Wind Blow
08. Honest I Do
09. Rocket 88
10. That's All Right
11. Got My Mojo Working
12. Standing Around Crying
13. You Don't Have To Go
14. Strange Things Happening
15. Instrumental
16. Outro

Total Time (85:00) [one set, continuous recording, no intermission, The Gerry Beaudoin Trio opened the show]

James Cotton - harmonica
Jay Geils - guitar
Noel Neal - bass
Darrell Nulisch - vocals
Jerry Porter - drums
Mike Williams - guitar


-Do not sell this recording.
-Do not upload this recording to other trackers.
-Do not alter this recording or convert to mp3 or other lossy formats except for your own personal use.
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