JAMES GANG live at Massey Hall, Toronto, October 31. 1971

Another James gang/ Joe Walsh upload !

Got this one through a trade with one of the members of the Jamesgangsters.

Great show !
Grabbed the following info somewhere off the net.

Groovy Halloween show; regarded by local hipsters as the loudest gig of all time.
Support: Don MacLean, who was reportedly booed by a becostumed crowd that was not there to sit and reflect.
Former Rush manager recalls that there was no mixing board in the crowd; instead, a simple EQ set-up on the side of the stage,
with levels set for the whole night. Attribution: G. McLaren,
Rush's manager, via D. Kingston. Another attendee recalls that "for one, the concert was almost
identical in sound to the Live In Concert album - same year, same tour, eh. Also, I recall Walsh doing half of the
solo for "You're Gonna Need Me" standing on top of his B3 organ. I recall the organ sounding incredible too.
The concert was back in the days when you could smoke in halls, so I remember Massey Hall being filled with smoke;
plus, I believe the James Gang used a smoke machine for one or two songs. Walsh was using a Sunburst Les Paul Standard
(probably circa late-60s) and a Marshall stack: freaking incredible punch, balls and super tight low-end.
They did an encore, but I can't remember what it was.
My favorite songs from the concert were Stop and Tend My Garden/Take A Look Around."
Attribution: S. Sutherland, Robin Trower webmaster.


01 Intro Jam-Funk #49,
02 Asshtonpark,
03 Stop,
04 You're Gonna Need Me,
05 Thanks,
06 Garden Gate,
07 Ashes The Rain & I,
08 Take A Look Around,
09 Tend My Garden,
10 Walk Away,
11 The Bomber,
12 Lost Woman.

Attribution: audience recording.

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