The James Gang (with Tommy Bolin)
Bang Out-Takes
Cleveland Recording Studios
Sept 1973

1. Alexis #1
2. Alexis #2
3. Mystery
4. From Another Time
5. Ride The Wind

Miami Demos
Criteria Recording Studio
May 1974
6. Wildfire
7. Sleepwalker
8. Do It
9. Red Skies
10. Summer Breezes
11. Spanish Lover
12. Head Above The Water
13. Wildfire #2
14. Sleepwalker #2

This was posted on Dime about 2 years ago. It was really bad quality...lots of tape hiss, missing frequencies, etc, etc. So...since I really liked this boot, i decided to give it the much needed facelift it needed. Now...i really enjoy it. I did some crappy artwork also. Enjoy!
For Tommy Bolin 1951-1976