James Gang
"Really Cool Friends Of Your Parents"
DTE Energy Music Theatre
Clarkston, MI
August 15th, 2006

AUD>Church Audio Cardiods>STC-9000>Creative JB3>WAV (48.0)>Firewire>Cool Edit (downsample 48.0>44.1>amplify by 12dB>cut>cue/split)>WAV (44.1)>FLAC frontend (level 8 w/ align on sector boundaries)>FLAC

Recorded by: ninehi (CTR-NN-8, dead center, 9 rows back of board)

01 Walk Away
02 Take A Look Around
03 Midnight Man
04 Asshtonpark
05 The Bomber
06 Garden Gate (Joe solo acoustic)
07 Ashes The Rain And I (Joe & Dale acoustic guitars, Jim on bass)
08 Tend My Garden
09 Stop
10 You're Gonna Need Me
11 Lost Woman
12 Funk #49
encore 1
13 Rocky Mountain Way
encore 2
14 Going Down

I'd prefer this wasn't sold on eBay or traded as MP3, but hey it's outta my hands now.