This is both James Taylor sets from 2-6-1970

If I have gleened the info correctly there were 3 sets that night but the second set was another artist. That is why the last (2nd)set for James says set 3.

There are separate info files for each set/show in the appropriate folder here is a compilation of the 2 info files

compiled from torrents originally on STG
compiled by Eddie Burks
These are all the original SHN's; some have been renamed

James Taylor
The Jabberwocky
Syracuse New York
6 February 1970
First set

Source: SBD>???>CDR>EAC(offset -565)>WAV>SHN

01 Rainy Day Man
02 Diamond Joe
03 Coca-Cola Song
04 Machine Gun Kelly
05 Anywhere Like Heaven
06 Fire And Rain
07 Circle Round The Sun
08 Will The Circle Be Unbroken
09 Carolina On My Mind
10 Sunshine Sunshine
11 Dixie
12 Hallelujah (I Love Her So)
13 Blossom
14 Sunny Skies
15 Brighten Your Night With My Day


ames Taylor
Syracuse, NY
The Jabberwocky
3rd Set

Source: SBD>MR>DAT.

Transfer: Panasonic SV 3800>Prodif+ card>Samplitude Producer 6.0 (fades)>
CDWav (tracks)>mkw>shntool (boundaries varified)

Transferred by Chris Shepherd on December 21, 2002

01 {05:27.33} Pretty Boy Floyd (Arlo Guthrie)
02 {04:10.40} Yesterday (Beatles)
03 {04:48.40} Steamroller Blues
04 {04:59.00} Country Road
05 {04:55.40} Duncan and Brady (Ramblin' Jack Elliott)
06 {03:38.62} Hushuba(?) (Jessie Colin Young)
07 {03:14.74} Something In The Way She Moves
08 {03:28.29} Taking It In
09 {02:50.06} If I Needed Someone (Beatles)
10 {03:13.06} Sweet Baby James
11 {02:35.37} People Get Ready (Impressions)
12 {03:23.29} Sunshine, Sunshine
13 {04:02.62} Diamonds In The Rough (Carter Family)

This tape sounds beautiful.