James Taylor
Oakland Coliseum
Oakland, CA

Sweet Baby James By The Bay bootleg on Polar Bear Records plus the 6 missing songs that complete the show.

Complete Setlist:

Disc 1:

01-Sweet Baby James
02-Something In The Way She Moves
04-Tube Rose Snuff Commercial
05-Sunny Skies
06-Chili Dog
07-Rainy Day Man

***Beginning OF Missing Songs***

08-Riding On a Railroad
09-Places In My Past
10-Carolina On My Mind
11-Long Ago & Far Away w/ Carole King
13-Country Road

***End of Missing Songs***

Disc 2:

14-Highway Song
15-On Broadway
16-Fire And Rain
17-Love Has Brought Me Around
18-Whoa, Don't You Know
19-Steamroller Blues
20-Help Me Find This Groove
21-Promised Land > Pre Encore Applause
22-You Can Close Your Eyes

ljs_54 remaster notes: I started with the Polar Bear bootleg, Baby James By The Bay, which I received in a mail trade years ago, but I used the copy which was seeded to either STG or BT EZ or both. Back when the bootleg was seeded, someone noted the bootleg contained an incomplete show which was missing 6 songs. A BT EZ seeder, whose user name I don't remember, supplied the "missing 6 songs". Both sources are outlined in the notes below.

I took both sets of shn files and decompressed them to wav. I ran them through cool edit pro 2.0 to take care of any glitches, amplify the volume overall where necessary, and to amplify some of James banter which you couldn't hear. I then recombined the whole show into one wav file and tried to ease the track transitions and patch in the missing songs as well as I could. Although I was tempted to use some hiss reduction, especially on the missing songs, in the end I decided not to.

I then split the wav into tracks in cdwav renaming them with song titles and I split the discs after the last "missing tracK", Country Road. It seemed to be a good break point.

I then compressed the tracks into flac making sure there were no sbe's.

To do this half right, it always takes more hours than one thinks, but I think it came out ok, as I'm no pro.

I have included a reel cover of the original reel #1 supplied by Greg B. of jamestaylorweb.com, which is pretty cool. Polar Bear Records stole Greg's work and issued the bootleg as you can read in Greg's notes below.

Compress to mp3 for your own personal use but please DO NOT trade it as mp3's, DO NOT sell this recording, and DO NOT put this up on Ebay. Thanks and enjoy.


Source & notes on Polar Bear boot:

Name: Baby James By The Bay
Catalog: The Polar Bear Records (PB-107)

Source: Soundboard (Original 'silver' cd)
Equipment List: DAE UltraPlex 40max>EAC (secure, offsets)
.shn conversion with MKW

Additional Comments on show:

From Blue Fish

A great soundboard recording. Polar Bear Records claims that this is a Warner Brothers official recording that was initially going to be released as a live album but was instead replaced by another studio album. The quality is fantastic and James puts on a very good performance. There are a few fades between songs but that is all there really is to complain about. I'm not sure how much this show has been circulated but it will make a great addition to any James Taylor collection. Overall, a definite must have!!

Notes from the seeder who supplied the missing songs:

The Baby James By The Bay seed is a really nice sounding soundboard - thanks to the original seeder for sharing that one. It is however, missing 6 songs. I dug them up from an old reel copy.

This show was originally rebroadcast on FM radio (I believe WNEW in NYC) - around 1974.
At that time, the venue for the show was listed as the Oakland Coliseum. The
missing songs go between Rainy Day Man and Highway Song (7th and 8th songs).

Unfortunately, I recorded this show at the slow tape speed (3.75 ips) way back
then and some tape degradation has set in. The quality is a step below the
James Taylor_72.00.00_Baby James By The Bay_SHN seed. In spite of that, I decided
to seed the missing songs, so that everyone can have a complete show from a really good concert.

I named the missing songs jt_1972_bjbtb_t07a.shn thru jt_1972_bjbtb_t07f.shn to
keep the same naming convention as the original seed.

Missing songs:

Riding On a Railroad *
Places In My Past *
Carolina On My Mind *
Long Ago & Far Away w/ Carole King *
Blossom *
Country Road *

Note from the person who originally put together the material that the bootleggers at Polar Bear records stole:

#282760 by gregislord55 at 2005-02-17 17:04:39 GMT

Hey there, thanks for posting this. I've had it for some time too, but your recording of these tracks is in better quality!

Here's the story of this recording: This was JT's first attempt (of several) at recording a live album, with label Warner Brothers. He was touring with Carole King and Kootch's band, Jo Mama: guitarist Danny "Kootch" Kortchmar, bassist Leland Sklar, and drummer Russ Kunkel.

Planned for release as a double album, the masters were passed around on four reel-to-reel tapes for a while until it was decided to air the show on FM instead of releasing a record. (They would try again--unsuccessfully--to capture James live for an album in 1981, which is also available as a Torrent here as "JT Radio City 81." )

About five years ago, I paid through the nose for three of the four original WB reel-to-reel tapes at ebay (reel #2--these 6 songs--was missing), and I lovingly transferred them to CDR for the free trading community. I am attaching a jpeg of one of the reel covers, which makes a nice CD cover too.

My Oakland 1972 CD made the rounds until some bastards at Polar Bear bootlegs decided to release my (and others') hard work on silver CDs and make some money at it. I didn't get too upset, this wasn't the first time this happened. I also mastered the "Alternate One Man Dog" set from quad reel-to-reel tapes, intended for free trading only.

Anyhow, these 6 songs represent the missing reel #2, and it's great to have such a clean version of them to complete the set.

Thank you!

Greg, webmaster of jamestaylorweb.com