I downloaded this several years back. Although I checked back frequently, I could never find a posting of the second disc. Hopefully, this will be a nice match for the second disc which was posted here recently.

Following are the notes from the original posting:

This is reputed to be the rarest James Taylor bootleg in existence,
nearly impossible to find. After reading about it a couple of weeks
ago, I lucked into a copy on the first try on the web. There is not
currently another one for sale anywhere, as far as I can tell. It
may be quite awhile before another one turns up somewhere.
This was a limited vinyl pressing made in 1973, of two albums
with white labels. It has never been reissued nor pirated by any
of the other bootleg labels, which is kinda surprising. Those guys
at TMOQ and TAKRL and Wizardo would rip off *anybody* to
make a new, shittier sounding pressing with a different title. But
there were not a lot of bootlegs in 1973, nor a lot of labels, nor
wide distribution. Few people own or have ever heard this album.

Hot Wacks lists two discs called November 1972 Vol 1 on
Sweet Records 4033 A/B and Vol 2 on Country Records 4022
A/B. The matrix number is the same for the first, but the second
has 4044 scratched in the dead wax area.

Research has turned up the following information:

Recorded by an audience member at Radio City Music Hall,
NYC, November 3, 1972 - the day James Taylor married Carly
Simon. (He mentions this in the show.) This concert features
songs from his new LP at the time, "One Man Dog", released
in November.

James is backed up by Danny Kortchmar (guitar), Leland Sklar
(bass), Craig Doerge (keyboards) and Russ Kunkel (drums).

The records are in terrible shape. The recording level on the
discs is less than -20 dB, making the scratches more prominent.
Painstaking declicking, both automatic and manual have made
all but the most persistent thumps and noises disappear completely,
although there are a few remnants of large clicks that could not
be entirely removed. In any case, you should not be aware at
any time that you are listening to a record.

Turntable: Technics SP-10 MK II
Tonearm: SME
Cartridge: Stanton 881-S
Phono preamp: Rolls GCI-404
Sound card: Turtle Beach Riviera
Software: Adobe Audition, CDWave
Processes: declicking, denoising, pitch correction

Since it's ready now, here is Disc One. I will post revised artwork
and then Disc Two when they are finished, later this week.

It has been an honor to make this mega-rare recording available
to collectors again. If you like JT, you will like this set. Catalogue
number for this remastered edition is RMW 410.

PAR2 included for verification. More PARs upon request.
No reposts.


Remasters Workshop
November 2006