James Taylor
August 1986 Compilation

1. Song For You Far Away (A)
2. There We Are (A)
3. Rainy Day Man (A)
4. Carolina In My Mind (A)
5. Everyday (A)
6. Only One (A)
7. Angry Blues (A)
8. Country Road (A)
9. Fool To Care (A)
10. Summer's Here > One Man Parade (A)
11. Turn Away (A)
12. Honey Don't Leave L.A. (A)
13. Lighthouse (A)
14. The Twist (A)
15. Is That The Way You Look? (A)
16. Anywhere Like Heaven (A)
17. Only A Dream In Rio (A)

1. A Junkie's Lament (B)
2. Fire And Rain (B)
3. Love Has Brought Me Around (B)
4. I Will Follow (B)
5. You've Got A Friend (C)
6. Handy Man (C)
7. Up On The Roof (B)
8. Steamroller (B)
9. That's Why I'm Here (B)
10. How Sweet It Is (B)
11. Sweet Baby James (B)

Bonus Tracks
12. Introduction to Mona (C)
13. Mona (C)
14. Your Smiling Face (C)

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A. August 3, 1986; Fox Theater, St. Louis, MO; Audience Recording; A sound quality
B. August 8, 1986; State Fair Park, Milwaukee (West Allis), WI; Audience Recording; A-/A sound quality
C. August 20, 1986; Jones Beach Theater, Wantagh, NY; Audience Recording; A- sound quality
ALS, April 2005

Band members:
Dan Dugmore - pedal steel and electric guitar
John Guiliton - piano and synthesizer
Lee Sklar - bass
Carlos Vega - drums and percussion
Arnold McCuller - background vocals
Rosemary Butler - background vocals

Comments: This compilation features the best currently available tracks from August 1986.
The August 1986 shows feature an interesting set list as well as top notch performances from
JT and his band (especially Arnold and Rosemary).

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