James Taylor and his Band (w./ special guest Sting)
Piazza dell'Anfiteatro, Lucca - Italy
27 July 1999

LUCCA SUMMER FESTIVAL 1999 (2nd Festival Edition)

I taped this from RAI Radio 2, second radio channel of italian public broadcaster who aired it live.
This was a great happening on that evening of 1999 for the last day of the Lucca Summer Festival,
with James Taylor and his band and a special guest like Sting. Audience was in raptures and
there was a great enthusiasm that passed from the stage to the crowd and vice-versa in a super packed square.
Unfortunately the two DJs speak a lot and there were also technical problems of transmission due to the
broadcaster and an interruption to transmit a news report that have a little broken up the concert.
So it was also difficult to cut the tracks but I hope I did it in a satisfactory way.
The audio quality was however already very good even without any work on it, but
I cleaned the audio as much as possible, obtaining a good result, at least in my opinion, therefore
the sound is now even better.
I tried to cut the last songs so that, those who wish, can avoid listening to the 3 encore tracks without
harming the listening of the concert.
That's all, hoping it will be appreciate it, all the best until the next to everybody!

Full Lineage:
Analog FM Radio B'cast > Panasonic RX-FT-530 > 2xc90 TDK D master tape cassettes > TEAC W-865R -
2 x RCA to mini jack stereo cable - PCI Sound Card CMI8738/C3DX > Audacity 2.1.3, HDD wav file
aquisition, minor audio improvement work and tracks splitting > FLAC Frontend v2.1, flac encoding
and ffp file > mkwACT 1.0, whole file-set signature > dime > you.

Line up:
James Taylor: Lead vocals, Guitars
Robert Mann: Guitars
Jimmy Johnson: Bass
Russell Kunkel: Drums
Clifford Carter: Keyboards, Organ
Arnold McCuller: Backing Vocals


01. Radio Intro (01:10)
02. Something In The Way She Moves (03:33)
03. Carolina In My Mind (by Buddy Holly) (05:17)
04. Everyday (04:06)
05. Line 'Em Up (05:30)
06. Wasn't That A Mighty Storm (traditional song) (04:50)
07. Mexico (some technical gaps during the song) (04:55)
08. Jump Up Behind Me (03:52)
09. Fire And Rain (04:59)
10. Up On The Roof (by Carole King) (this song was trunked to transmit the news) (02:56)
11. Not Fade Away (latest secs only) (01:12)
12. Walking Man (03:52)
13. Never Die Young (04:45)
14. Handy Man (by Jimmy Jones) (04:25)
15. Country Road (05:37)
16. You've Got a Friend (by Carole King) (two technical gaps during the song) (05:18)
17. Your Smiling Face (02:51)
18. Encore Break I (DJ's Noise) (03:16)
19. Secret O' Life (03:26)
20. Encore Break II (DJ's Noise) (01:11)
21. How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) (by Marvin Gaye) (05:30)
22. Knock on Wood (by Eddie Floyd) (w./ Sting) (03:19)
23. Encore Break III (DJ's Noise) (01:57)
24. Sweet Baby James (James Taylor guitar/vocal solo)(incomplete - interrupted by the end of broadcast) (03:26)

Total Playing Time: 01:31:24

An annoying amount of DJs comments is present during the broadcast.
They talking, in between, at the start and at the end of almost each song.

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