James Taylor
and His All Star Band
Tanglewood: 2016-2019
Koussevitzky Music Shed
Lenox, Massachusetts

source: Zoom H2n XY mode > 16/44.1 > GoldWave (track splits, clapping reduction,
track transitions) > Trader's Little Helper (SBE correction, flac level 6)

taper: DavePas63

The All-Star Band:

Luis Conte – Percussion
Walt Fowler – Trumpet/Flugelhorn/Keyboards
Steve Gadd – Drums
Larry Goldings - Keyboards
Kevin Hayes- Keyboards
Dorian Holley - Vocals
Jimmy Johnson – Bass
Mike Landau – Guitar
Lou Marini – Sax/Flute/Clarinet
Kate Markowitz – Vocals
Arnold McCuller – Vocals
Andrea Zonn – Vocals/Fiddle

Special Guests:
Henry Taylor - Vocals
Kim Taylor - Vocals
Bonnie Raitt - Vocals

Notes: This was to have been my fifth annual JT at Tanglewood taping, but like the untold number of plans of an
untold number of people, it will have to wait for another day. So as the next best thing, I thought I'd put together
a compilation of all songs played by JT during the prior four years of shows that I attended. Last year's recording
came out the best, so I used it as the starting point, and cross-faded and mixed the other tracks to make a seamless
recording. Usually there are two one-hour sets over the course of the two nights of July 4 performances, so I arranged
the tracks to make for four one-hour sets, with the last song before the end of each of the first three sets being
preceded by the usual intermission banter. Tracks that were performed at multiple shows were selected based on recording
quality, as the performances don't vary widely from year to year. The compilation features all 12 of the songs that
appear on the multi-platinum Greatest Hits record, as well as some from the deeper catalogue, some newer songs, and
three with special guest Bonnie Raitt.

As there will be no July 4th Tanglewood show this year, if you'd like to recreate the Tanglewood experience, here's what to do:

1. Lug chairs for each of your attendees, plus blankets, a table, candles, bug spray, and plenty of food, wine and beer out to
your car and get in. After sitting in your car for the time it would have taken you to make the trip, remove all items and line
up with your attendees. Getting there early for a good spot to sit means standing in place for an hour or so before you start to move.
2. Drag the chairs, blankets, table, candles, bug spray, food, wine and beer to your backyard or a local park (for the real
experience, carry it all for a least a quarter to a half mile). Try to get everything set up by 6:00 p.m., as the show has to end
by 10 due to curfew/fireworks and you want to get the concert done before then. Be sure to distance appropriately, something that's
absolutely impossible at a real Tanglewood show from the lawn.
3. Once set up, enjoy your food, drink and company. Begin the show at 6.
4. After you've enjoyed four+ hours of eating, drinking and music, start packing everything up. To replicate the real show,
this should pretty much be done in the dark while you search for missing items and garbage on the lawn.
5. At 10, open the fireworks video, and watch five minutes of last year's show. Yes, the trees do block some of the
view, that's part of the ambience.
6. Once the fireworks are over, lug the chairs, blankets, table, candles, bug spray, and what's left of the food, wine and beer
back to your car. To get the full experience, sit in your car for 30 minutes to replicate waiting to get out of the parking
lot onto West Street. Then drive 45 minutes at 5 miles an hour, which is about how fast West Street moves after the show, until
you arrive home. Unpack and get some sleep.

Samples included in comments.

All songs July 4, 2019, except + (July 3, 2016), * (July 4, 2017), and @ (July 3, 2018)

Disc One (First Set)
101 The Star Spangled Banner*
102 Wandering
103 Secret o' Life
104 hello Tanglewood
105 Everyday
106 intro to Walking Man+
107 Walking Man+
108 Walt Fowler and Lou Morini intro 1+
109 Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight+
110 some new songs+
111 Today Today Today+
112 Andrea Zahn and Steve Gadd intro+
113 Country Road+
114 On the Fourth of July
115 Mike Landau and Jimmy Johnson intro
116 That's Why I'm Here
117 Kate Markowitz, Dorion Holley, Arnold McCuller and Kim Taylor intro
118 America the Beautiful
119 don't know why we do that*
120 Only One

Disc Two (Second Set)
201 I Was a Fool to Care
202 The Frozen Man@
203 (I've Got to) Stop Thinking 'bout That
204 Sunny Skies*
205 Never Die Young*
206 intro to First of May*
207 First of May*
208 Luis Conte intro*
209 Handyman*
210 Montana*
211 October Road*
212 Kevin Hayes intro*/Copperline intro+
213 Copperline+
214 Fire and Rain+
215 take a brief intermission+
216 Shower the People+

Disc Three (Third Set)
301 intro
302 Hound Dog
303 Little More Time With You
304 Promised Land+
305 Roadrunner@
306 Nothing Like One Hundred Miles@
307 intro to Raised Up Family@
308 Raised Up Family@
309 Carolina in My Mind
310 intro to Angels of Fenway
311 Angels of Fenway
312 Jump Up Behind Me*
313 we're going to leave the stage>intro to Line 'em Up*
314 Line 'em Up*

Disc Four (Fourth Set)
401 Bonnie Raitt intro*
402 Rainy Day Man*
403 Thing Called Love*
404 Steamroller
405 intro to Sweet Baby James
406 Sweet Baby James
407 Your Smiling Face
408 Mexico
409 Shed a Little Light*
410 Knock on Wood
411 How Sweet It Is (to Be Loved by You)*
412 Johnny B Goode*
413 In the Midnight Hour+
414 You've Got a Friend@
415 thank you for coming
416 You Can Close Your Eyes

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