James Taylor

Lenox, Massachusetts
July 3, 2018

source: Zoom H2n XY mode > 16/44.1 > GoldWave (track splits and editing) > Trader's Little Helper (flac level 6)

taper: DavePas63

location: right side lawn
artwork: included with flac files

The All-Star Band:

Kate Markowitz � Vocals
Andrea Zonn � Vocals/Violin
Arnold McCuller � Vocals
Lou Marini � Sax/Flute/Clarinet
Walt Fowler � Trumpet/Flugelhorn/Keyboards
Mike Landau � Guitar
Jimmy Johnson � Bass
Luis Conte � Percussion
Steve Gadd � Drums
Michito Sanchez � Percussion
Kevin Hays � Keyboards

Notes: Year three of JT-Tanglewood tapings. Warm night for a change. Group behind us wouldn't shut up -
not too noticeable during songs, but you'll hear them in between. I deleted their collective "We Love You James"
for the sake of future listeners. Encore songs are a bit noisier - if you haven't been to Tanglewood, people start
packing up before the show ends. Near the end of Handyman, a small child walking with her mother spotted my Zoom
and asked what it was, to which mom replied, "He's filming." I deleted this brief conversation, resulting
in about three seconds of a "yeah, yeah, yeah" segment being cut, but it's not overly noticable, and certainly
less so than leaving in mom and daughter. JT was much less talkative than last year - dialogue is included at the
end of tracks and not in separate tracks.

Samples included in comments.

Disc One (First Set)

01 Carolina in My Mind
02 Country Road
03 The Frozen Man
04 Never Die Young
05 Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight
06 Roadrunner
07 Nothing Like A Hundred Miles
08 Raised Up Family
09 Copperline
10 Handyman
11 Mexico

Disc Two (Second Set)

01 Something In the Way She Moves
02 Sunny Skies
03 Walking Man
04 Up On the Roof
05 Steamroller Blues
06 Sweet Baby James
07 Fire and Rain
08 Your Smiling Face
09 Shower the People
10 How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)
11 encore applause
12 Shed A Little Light
13 encore applause 2
14 In the Midnight Hour
15 You've Got A Friend

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