James Taylor - VH1 Storytellers + Live In Brazil 1986

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VH1 Storytellers 31st May 1997
01. Copperline
02. story / The Frozen Man
03. Q & A
04. Riding On A Railroad
05. Hangnail
06. Fire And Rain / 'the device' story
07. story / Another Day
08. story / Line 'Em Up
09. story / Valentine's Day
10. story / Mud Slide Slim & The Blue Horizon

San Paulo, Brazil 1986 (exact date unknown)
11. There We Are
12. Carolina In My Mind
13. Handyman
14. Country Road
15. Fire And Rain
16. How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)
17. Your Smiling Face

Total Running Time: 72m 11s


The Storytellers portion of this bootleg has James Taylor at his humourous best.

The sound quality is not brilliant, the Brazil 1986 tracks are poorer than the Storytellers tracks. Spectrum analysis indicates that none of the tracks are mp3-sourced. Overall I'd give it a B. I suspect both performances were sourced from mono VHS recordings of TV broadcasts.

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c26f85690201fde18ddb26a4ba423025 *Track01.flac
462c13dcae47726cf77d2082ae659d93 *Track02.flac
13f0620cc54bc7c70e2d80775d2daf5f *Track03.flac
0452a9df617db3be7a4dabf6c6962d40 *Track04.flac
e350520e7e670648288efe8aa7b70d3f *Track05.flac
0f4e07c4987722dcb8342a77890d1ac5 *Track06.flac
7368ad8fd3f08b03b505792b19feb8c0 *Track07.flac
c7982933125a7f11bee8e379dd69327c *Track08.flac
b500013999a21d211e31d3a665ceb7c8 *Track09.flac
41129ff8368c2c3ed2c5625e712778d2 *Track10.flac
9ed51f7a8707975c46c36303978b139e *Track11.flac
c48400a3a8b17e3bd890293cf7ad4371 *Track12.flac
b1315a6574a9f242bafdd3542016c905 *Track13.flac
3f8b240ceb9552e481cfc5197c109539 *Track14.flac
6e20d4530d730965e18a13b51a171607 *Track15.flac
1a3d6f0db57ac966aabad94bf8ef073e *Track16.flac
a2710502da7173b589660d2ee920e4b0 *Track17.flac

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