James Vincent McMorrow (with band)
The Metro, Sydney, Australia

Roland R-05 Internal mics>24bit/48hz>sd card>harddisk>audacity to declick, dec bass, raise treble & raise levels>cdwave editor track split &-->16bit/44.1hz>tlh flac level8.

01 The Lakes
02 Banter
03 Hear The Noise
04 Red Dust
05 Banter
06 Glacier
07 Banter
08 "Tuning Song"
09 Lookout
10 Banter
11 Down The Burning Ropes
12 Follow You Down To The Red Oak Tree
13 Band Intros
14 All Points
15 Banter
16 We Don't Eat
17 Banter
18 Gold
19 Song Dedication
20 If I Had A Boat
21 Banter
22 Cavalier
23 Encore Break
24 And If My Heart Should Somehow Stop (solo)
25 Higher Love (solo)

Yes, lots of between song banter/intros/a couple of annoying people in the crowd contributing to this but very quiet audience during the songs.