November 12, 1996
Royal Albert Hall
London, UK

Original radio broadcast CD > EAC > flac 8 > Adobe Audition > Split tracks > flac 8

This is taken from a "Planet Live" radio broadcast CD. On the disc the show was split into chunks of 20 minutes, so the whole show was in 4 tracks. I split it so that each song is its own track. The two interview tracks at the end are two tracks on the disc so I left them the way they are. A few of the tracks fade in and others fade out, which is how it is on the disc.

01 Hooked Up
02 Emergency On Planet Earth
03 Space Cowboy
04 Slipin 'N' Slidin'
05 Cosmic Girl
06 Didjital Vibrations
07 Journey To Arnhemland
08 Percussion Solo
09 Use The Force
10 High Times
11 Hollywood Swinging
12 Alright
13 Travelling Without Moving
14 Virtual Insanity
15 Jay Interview
16 Jay Interview

Runtime: 72:24