JANIS IAN & TOM PAXTON (with Robin Bullock)
Colston Hall,
Bristol, UK
19 March 2014

Church Audio CA-14 omnis > CA-9200 > Edirol R-09HR (@24/96) > Cool Edit Pro 2 > CDWave > TLH
Recorded 3rd row, halfway between centre and house left

Recording, transfer & artwork by boombox

Set 1:
0. This Town (Not recorded)
1. Banter
2. The Battle Of The Sexes
3. Banter
4. Society's Child
5. The Last Thing On My Mind
6. Banter
7. Bright Lights & Promises
8. My Christmas Guitar
9. Banter
10. The Tiny Mouse
11. Central Square
12. Through The Years
13. Banter
14. Bottle Of Wine

Set 2:
1. Banter
2. Jennifer's Rabbit
3. Katy
4. Jennifer and Kate
5. Jesse *
6. Banter
7. Married In London
8. Banter
9. At Seventeen
10. Banter
11. Did You Hear John Hurt? >
12. Ramblin' Boy
13. Encore Break & Banter
14. I Got You Babe >
15. I'm Still Standing

* - unamplified, so volume raised by 10db

boombox's notes march 2019:

The reason for the long period between concert and upload was that I was never satisfied with the recording. First off, the contractors working on the adjacent car park messed up and it meant only one entrance was open. This stranded about 100 people, including me, in the queue. The venue was aware and delayed the start a little, but unfortunately, Janis and Tom started just as I reached the door and they wouldn't let us in until the first song was over. This explains the rustling during the first track here and Tom's banter. Additionally, as I couldn't get a ticket in my customary place in front of a stack, I thought I'd try my omnis. Resulting recording was VERY quiet, with a huge applause:music difference in levels and occasional bouts of phasing during said applause. However, I've learned a fair bit more in the 5 years since this show. So having scrapped my contemporary attempt, although I had to use some light hiss reduction as it was so quiet, and the mics picked up my neighbours' laughter, I've managed to salvage a more than half decent recording after all. As always, my original masters are available for anyone who wants to try a remaster.

As for the show, what else can be said about these musicians? Janis has been my number one female songwriter for many years and is also a fine guitarist. She may be a very petite lady, but she fills a stage. Tom is a living legend, a wonderful songwriter who still has a strong voice. Robin is a sensitive accompanist, who I've seen with Tom before, and there's some lovely mandolin playing on this. But above all, you get the impression that this was three friends who really enjoy each other's company: this was only the second show of the tour and Janis had the giggles throughout.

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