Jason Ricci & New Blood
Jazzbones,Tacoma, WA
August 1st 2008

Some shows i had go missing when we moved house
All received in trades in the good old days of tapetrader.com
They shall now be known as:

The Lost in the Attic Series


Kudos to the original uploader as always, in this case the legendary fubb who has kindly allowed me to share this again

Lineage: "On The Fly" matrix (SBD/AUD mix) via Edirol UA-5>Edirol R-09 (16bit, 44.1)>HD>Adobe Audition/cues split via Goldwave
SP C4 Cardiod Mics used/located from a secure spot, achieving the highest possible results.

Well i was pretty pissed i did not see this show, have seen Jason a couple of times and it's a show not to miss! I was assured that this was
going to be a late show, with The Randy Oxford Band playing the early show (his website also indicated that). BUT as it seems this was not the case, and
for whatever reason that SUCKED! Luckily, as always some of my gear is a permanent fixture and this venue and Big Zach took care of things so we could all
enjoy Jason Ricci and New Blood.

Support one of the hardest working bands out there...and i mean that! These guys seem to be always on the road playing 100%+ everynight
seem em' live and buy there excellent CD's!......fubb


Disc One:
1. Baked Potato
2. Cissy Strut
3. Snowflakes & Horses
4. Deliver Us

Disc Two:
1. Driftin' Blues
2. Rocket Number 9
3. Loving Eyes