Jazz Is PHSH
8/14/2019 -
Cosmo, NYC
"Rocks Off Concert Cruise"

Set 1-
1. tuning, intro
2. Carini
3. Bathtub Gin #
4. NICU>
5. Drums>
6. Brother
7. Gumbo
8. 46 Days
9. Foam

Set 2-
1. tuning, intro
2. Peaches En Regalia>
3. Tweezer>
4. Bass>
5. Cars Trucks Buses
6. Stash
7. Ghost
8. Camel Walk
9.E: Lawn Boy
10. Dinner & a Movie
11. Tweeprise
12. 46 Days
13. Foam
14. Peaches En Regalia
15. Dinner & a Movie
16. Stash
17. Brother

#=w/ "after you done it" jam

cover tunes & their corresponding artists (all tunes by Phish except those below):
"after you done it" - James Brown, artist; James Brown, writer
"peaches en regalia" - Frank Zappa, artist; Frank Zappa, writer

Adam Chase - drums, emcee, md
Matthew Chase - guitar, md
Bob Lanzetti - guitar
Felix Pastorius - bass
Jake Silverman - keys
John Culbreth - trumpet
Kevin Gatzke - tenor saxophone

--Tom Marshall was in attendance on the boat this night.
--Such a super fun night out on the high seas of Manhattan with so many friends, great weather & good vibes abound.
--BIG Thanks to Jazz Is PHSH for such an excellent time!!

Matrix: [schoeps cmc621 (stage, center, hugging drum kit) + SBD (independent mix) -
(live mixed thru AUX channels)]>SD 744t>firewire>pc>WAV>Sound Forge 10.0 (EQ
[small bass sweeten], CR, tracking, fades)>WAV>TLH>FLAC (level 8)
foh sound, mixed, recorded, mast/remastered & info research by Bill Mulvey

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