The Jayhawks
The Palace Theatre
St. Paul, MN, USA
2017-03-11 (March 11, 2017)

source 1: SBD > Tascam DR680 @ 24bit-48k
source 2: AKG ck63's > Nbob colletes > Naint PFA > Tascam DR680 @ 24bit-48k
location: directly in front of SBD, about 100 feet back, dead center, mics 7.5ft^
mic config: DINa
recorded by: Todd Norman -

editing notes:
Pro Tools 12 for mixing, minor eq etc
Sound Forge used to to lower any peaks, raise overall levels some and for fade in/outs
R8Brain used to dither to 44k-16bit
CDWAV used to split the tracks
Shntool used to verify/correct Sector Boundaries

1. Introduction by Mayor Chris Coleman
2. I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
3. You Look So Young
4. Leaving The Monsters Behind
5. Trouble
6. Stumbling Through The Dark
7. Tampa To Tulsa
8. Lovers Of The Sun
9. Waiting For The Sun (w/ Mayor Coleman on Telecaster)
10. Two Hearts (w/ Mayor Coleman on acoustic)
11. Comeback Kids
12. Take Me With You
13. Nothing Left To Borrow
14. Think About It (w/ Kraig Johnson on Telecaster)
15. Big Star (w/ Kraig on Telecaster)
16. Blue (w/ Kraig on acoustic)
17. All The Right Reasons
18. Save It For A Rainy Day
19. Quiet Corners And Empty Spaces
20. Tailspin
21. I'd Run Away
22. Settled Down Like Rain (Gary solo acoustic)
23. Angelyne (Gary w/ John Jackson on mandolin)
24. Broken Harpoon (Gary w/ John Jackson on violin)
25. Smile
26. Baby, Baby, Baby
27. Bad Time (Marc on Telecaster, Kraig on bass)
28. Until You Came Along (w/ Kraig on Telecaster)

recorded with permission from the band, but please support the artist and
go to the shows and/or purchase their cd/merch !!