Jeff Beck Group - July 9, 2005 (AUD - REPOST - "Master" - 117 Minutes Long) Kousei Nenkin Kaikan Hall, Osaka, Japan

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Length: 25 tracks = 116:36 minutes
Artwork: included
Samples: none.


Jeff Beck .... July 9th 2005
Osaka Kousei Nenkin Kaikan Hall

2 CDR with the art-work / excellent audience recording
Title & Catalog: Guitar Samurai T&J-T-011/012
Taper: Tom & Jerry
Art Work: Mickey
Lineages: homemade Microphone> homemade battery (95hz cut)>TCD-D8 Line-In 48khz> Santa Cruz Turtle Beach> Sound Stream (Spin Doctor)> WAV> Flac Frontend> FLAC (lev.6) No EQ nor sound altering software used.
Tom made his microphone and battery from the Sound Professional products, using a CMC (less than $200) series microphone and slim battery. He is a tech guy. I do not know how he did it in detail. Sorry.
NEW Lineage: FLAC files (> 2005 download & audio burn to CDR (Nero)> 2013 DAE using EAC (wav)> (flac) Trader's Little Helper level 6 (align on sector boundaries))

The line-up:
Jeff Beck- Guitar
Vinnie Colaiuta- drums
Pino Palladino - bass
Jason Rebello - keyboards
Jimmy Hall - vocal
Jennifer Batten- guest guitarist for the encore

Disc 1; Part 1:
1. Beck's Bolero
2. Stratus
3. You Never Know
4. Cause We've Ended As Lovers
5. Rollin' And Tumblin'
6. Morning Dew
7. Behind The Veil
8. Two Rivers
9. Star Cycle
10. Big Block
11. Scatterbrain

Disc 2; Part 2:
1. Nadia
2. Angel (Footsteps)
3. Led Boots
4. Diamond Dust
5. Hey Joe
6. Manic Depression
7. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
8. Brush With The Blues
9. Blue Wind
10. Earthquake
11. Blast From The East
12. Going Down
13. People Get Ready
14. Over The Rainbow

Recording Quality: Positioning from the far left side of the floor, it is not easy to get a well-balanced stereo recording. But with a little help from Jerry, Tom made the impossible possible. The sound quality of this recording is truly amazing. Each instrument is clearly captured and the sound balance is not perfect stereo but way above the average. The highs are clean and the lows loud enough (louder than a July 8th recording seeded). It is too bad that there is rather loud clapping on "Morning Dew" and "Going Down". Apart from these two songs, this is the perfect audience recording from this seat location.

Show Review:
Oh what a night!! More than three weeks have passed. But I still can�ft seem to get over the excitement of the Osaka 2nd night. I will probably cherish the memory of this show for a long time to come.

Jeff was in the top form. So was the whole band. From the moment Jeff hit the intro to �gBeck Bolero�h, he geared up and kept on smoking through the night. The previous night�fs show was excellent but not as inspired as I hoped. So I did not expect him to get into his groove so quick. I was pleasantly shocked and sat back in awe at the blistering sound coming from the stage. The first three songs (�gBeck Bolero,�h �gStratus�h, and �gYou Never Know�h) swept through my body like hot summer breeze. Only the beautiful slow ballad �gCause We Ended As Lovers�h calmed me down. But the band did not cool down a bit. They were really hot.

The intensity of Jeff�fs performances clearly infected his band members with more creativity and inventiveness. Less than 24 hours ago I thought Vinnie Colaiuta was more of a contemporary JAZZ drummer playing cool stuff for someone like Sting. I could not imagine he could pull off such a hard-hitting, ear-drum popping, bass-drum-kick like this. Pino Palladino neither wandered around the stage nor strayed from Jeff�fs musical notes. He just stood tall like a Zen monk pounding out steady & interactive rhythm lines with Vinnie. His bass work alone did not stand out much, but his groove made everyone else look so good when others played their solo parts. With Jeff playing �eAIR KEYBOARD�f, Jason Rebello finally broke loose playing more aggressively by using Jazzy, Bluesy and deeper-dirty tones. He is not Yan Hammer, all right, but the crowd clearly loved him. Some stood up even in the middle of the song to applaud his solo.

Jeff, Vinnie, Pino, and Jason as a quartet interweaved the sounds of each instrument into a delicate but powerful music. By blending in & boosting the sounds of each instrument, the foursome is enhancing the musical fusion and explosion by the size and scale nobody could expect from the sixty something rock star�fs band. A few quite songs thrown here and there, Jeff changed a mood with a phrase. The music was so powerful yet so mellow. Their performance was intense but the atmosphere so relaxed. The band members played well-crafted music. But constantly they stretched it out and improvised on the changes. Every interplay between the four men was spontaneous and exciting, giving me a totally different feel & touch to the songs I heard less than 24 hours ago.

A power trio such as Jeff, Tony Hymas and Terry Bozzio made it possible for the display of virtuosity. But they lacked the real-human feel & touch in their performances. The line-up with more star-powers like Jeff, Simon Phillips, Stanley Clark, and Tony Hymas made it possible for more funk-oriented, heavy rock, and in your face aggressiveness. But they failed to showcase the soft & sweet sounds from Jeff�fs guitar.

This night the band dare push Jeff to play whistle, harmonics, string-skipping, obscene distortion and breath-taking lead progressions and all to the highest level six strings could possibly reach. But I don�ft think it could happen everyday. Some nights are great, some mediocre and some bad. How often would I get to see a perfect show like this in my life? Lucky me. After the show one of the roadies said to us he has not seen Jeff play that hot for a long time.

Returning to his blues roots from the Muddy Waters classics, the band launched �gRollin�f & Tumbling�h. Jimmy walked in and waked up the mesmerized audience by getting them up on their feet and swinging to the music. This singer is a great asset to the band. Don�ft let go of him, Jeff!!! �gMorning Dew�h from his back catalog really makes me want to buy a newly re-mastered �gTruth�f�h(my old vinyl wore out long time ago).

The stage was pretty much stripped down with not a single ornamental object. But when �gBehind The Veil�h and �gTwo Rivers�h were performed, the lights got dimmer and dimmer until only the shadows of the band were visible. Then the long curtain in the background started reflecting the sprinkled star-like lights as if there were a starry sky ahead of us. It was a breath-taking scene. As Jeff�fs silhouette danced in the dark, his guitar cried out with lengthy soothing notes. The sound & vision was perfectly matched. Once again Jeff left us in complete awe. �gStar Cycle�h was segued perfectly out of �gTwo Rivers�h. Jeff just seems effortless in doing whatever tricks he pulls off. Last night �gStar Cycle�h lagged and did not have today�fs drive at all. One Japanese guy sitting next to me leaned over and told me that �gStar Cycle�h was used as a sound track tune for a Japanese TV program of professional wresting matches. Whata hell? A real bout with a space monster? ? Well, what a cool idea!!!

The following two songs were simply the best. I was getting good vibes and feeling some good chemistry between Jeff and others. As Pino�fs bass churned, Jeff�fs guitar was sliding, grinding, and swirling with heavy blues tones on �gBig Block�h. �gScatterbrain�h was a masterful version for any Beck-wannabes. Jeff played amazingly faster than studio or official live take. Fired up and totally worn out, Jeff commented that he should get �ehis brain transplanted�f during a 5-minute break.

Jeff kept his word to come back in 5 minutes. Many people did�fnt make it to the beginning of �gNadia�h, a gorgeous ballad with a jungle-like rhythm. Then a slow tune, �gAngel (Footsteps)�h seamlessly turned up. Jeff adds different textures and nuances to this simple song every time he plays.

To put it simply, �eLed Boots�f was the best version of this song I have ever heard. I�fd say it�fs worth downloading on its own. Just take a listen to foursome bout in the middle. This band has the limitless potential. Forget Simon Phillips. Vinnie plays harder and hotter than him (yes I am prejudice against Simon, but check Vinnie�fs cymbal work). Jason�fs solo was really impressive and note-worthy as well.

Jeff slowed things down for beautiful �gDiamond Dust�h. The Vinnie, Pino, and Jason team is second to none in playing this kind of stuff. Then comes the Jimmie Hendrix section with �gHey Joe�h and �gManic Depression�h. Jeff and Jimmy Hall do justice to these tracks. Jeff played rather faithful to the original Hendrix version on �gHey Joe�h but never failed to leave a �gJeff�fs touch�h. I couldn�ft see his foot but he uses the wah-wah pedal? On �gManic Depression�h Jeff�fs guitar followed Jimmy�fs vocal line or vice versa. Is it a trip down memory lane for some people? The first Jeff Beck Group featuring Rod Stewart & Ronnie Wood? Jimmy Hall�fs vocal really fits in to this Hendrix tune.

Next comes the blues section of his own kind. A snippet of the Charles Mingus standard, �gGoodbye Pork Pie Hat�h led us into �gBrush With The Blues�h, dark/slow blues. With Pino�fs grooving bass, Jeff�fs guitar prevailed with a dark gloomy tone!!! In my humble opinion, �gBrush With The Blues�h is the best track from the �gWho Else�h album and this performance is in its finest form.

�gBlue Wind�h gave me goose bumps. The interplay between Jeff and Jason is really amazing. Jeff played the synth-line for Jason or Jason played the guitar-line. The sound and performance were meshed totally. I don�ft know who plays what instruments.

For the encore, Jennifer Batten steped up and joined the band as a guest. The Osaka crowd was treated to five encore songs. The blasting �gEarthquake�h , an edited version, is the first encore song. Jennifer started �gBlast From The East�h with her guitar. Jeff seemed to be so happy with Jennifer at his side. On �gGoin�f Down�h, Jeff shared lead guitar duties with Jennifer. Jennifer Batten is a fine guitarist in her own right. But Jimmy stole the spot light from her. Jimmy really drove the audience wilder. (Personally I kind of like Jimmy�fs voice. Check this web-page to hear his voice:
Does it remind you of someone? Someone whose band Jeff turned down an offer to join not just once but twice)

Jimmy belted out �gPeople Get Ready�h with a whole lot of soul. I got up and looked around the hall. Everyone in the hall (not just the main floor but also the second & the third balcony) stood up and smiled. We were all connected.

The fairly straight rendition of �gOver The Rainbow�h closed the two-hour show. As a farewell and best wish for audience safe journey home, Jeff coerced the sweetest sounds from the guitar one last time. Nice closing touch. Bravo!!!!

About The Title:
I name this �gGuitar Samurai�h to honor Jeff�fs musical journey. Jeff continues to push all musical boundaries with not much financial interests in his arts. He is a very honorable man with the guitar that somehow reminds me of the old samurai warrior with the sword.

Tech Note:
Jeff kept on using only one Strat through the night. Without tuning it how could he do that?

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