Jeff Beck
Royal Concert Hall
Glasgow, SCO

Location: Stalls Row L, FOB, LOC, Approx. 15m from stage.
Source: Schoeps mk4 > Nbob Actives > TinyBox2.5 > Sony M10 @ 24bit/48khz WAV
Transfer: WAV > Adobe Audition+BBE Sonic Max > flac
Tagging & Art: Foobar Live Show Tagger

A Mayhem Inc. Recording.

01 Star Cycle
02 You Know You Know
03 Stratus
04 Nadia
05 Rumble
06 Midnight Walker
07 Big Block
08 Caroline, No
09 Brush With The Blues
10 Hedy Lamarr*
11 Isolation*
12 Time*
13 What's Goin' On*
14 Let It Be Me*
15 Little Wing*
16 The Death And Resurrection Show*
17 Cause We've Ended As Lovers
18 Corpus Christi Carol
19 A Day In The Life*

Jeff Beck: Guitar and Introductions
Anika Nilles: Drums
Rhonda Smith (Prince, Chaka Khan, Beyonc�, George Clinton): Bass
Vanessa Freebairn-Smith (Sonus Quartet): Cello
Robert Adam Stevenson. Keyboards
*Johnny Depp (Actor): Vocals/Guitar on 10 to 16 & 19

Opening Act on this tour was Sharon Corr.