Artist: Jeff Beck Group
Title: Live at Fillmore West July 25-27 1968
Quality: B+, A
Location: Fillmore West, San Francisco
Lineage: ?CDR > CDR > EAC > FLAC


01. You Shook Me/Let Me Love You [0:08:01.23] (minor diginoise at 3:34)
02. Morning Dew [0:04:53.53]
03. Jeff's Boogie [0:05:19.54]
04. The Sun Is Shining [0:07:32.39]
05. Hi Ho Silver Lining [0:04:52.16]


01 You Shook Me,Let Me Love You - Jeff Beck Group.flac:4f7fd970692c57b0a67ea3c79f4ac204
02 Morning Dew - Jeff Beck Group.flac:a3af9aa7537a8ea9fcab2423459e4d04
03 Jeff's Boogie - Jeff Beck Group.flac:b033e2dd8ee2f1ae8eaf9012567eb13d
04 The Sun Is Shining - Jeff Beck Group.flac:1f3a37f3dac39867dda123eb12fe695c
05 Hi Ho Silver Lining - Jeff Beck Group.flac:f4dc7cea1f725eee8f7ae0aa11c40045

Also known as the Bill Graham Masters

This has the best sound quality of this group in existence. Jeff is on fire, and we get to hear Jeff sing more than any other live show I know of (not that that is neccessarily a good thing). "The Sun is Shining" is worth the price of admission alone. Also, Let Me Love You has a great swing to it, and Jeff's Les Paul tone is awesome.

This version was extracted from a recent offering here at easytree, titled something like Jeff Beck - Beck to the Future (1967 to 2002) which contained 3 shows; 1 each from '67, '68 and '2002 with the White Stripes. Much thanks to the original poster! Kind of an oddball assortment though, so I'm posting here because this one should be available on it's own, and I've got some cover art.