Jeff Tweedy
10 April 2019 (Wednesday)
Lincoln Theatre
Washington, D.C.

Source: Microtech Gefell M21 > nBob actives > Sound Devices MixPre-6 (24/48)
Transfer: MP6 > iMac. Tracked and resampled to 16-bit via Sound Studio, FLAC via xACT

Recorded by Alex Leary

01. Sick Server
02. New Madrid
03. Ashes of American Flags
04. Bull Black Nova
05. Laminated Cat
06. Having Been Is No Way To Be
07. Hummingbird
08. Ruling Class
09. Guaranteed
10. Heavy Metal Drummer
11. Jesus, Etc.
12. Let's Go Rain
13. I Know What It's Like
14. I'm The Man Who Loves You
15. Passenger Side
16. Family Ghost
17. Don't Forget
18. Misunderstood
19. Acuff-Rose


- James Elkington opened.
- First several songs of Tweedy set were not recorded, unfortunately.

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