Jeff Tweedy

July 26, 2019
'Out of Doors'
Damrosch Park,
Lincoln Center,
New York, NY

Source: Samsung NX300 > MPEG-4 (1080p60HD @ 26.667mbps) > WAV 24bit/48Hz
Audio Rip: WAV 24/48 > XLD (flac conversion) > Audacity (tracking, normalize) > FLAC 16/48.
Location: Front row, seat 4. 20' from stage lip, 10' left of center. Approximately 25' from stage mic.
Recorded, edited & mastered by Joe Noel
July 21, 2019

- Helen Gillet supported.
- In the privacy of your own home feel to call this "The Open Kimono Tour"
- tracks 1 through 5 were not recorded.
- Audio ripped from digital mirrorless camera.
- This is a completest only recording.
- Being guests of Lincoln Center, I had no intentions of filming or recording this performance.
- The gentleman sitting next to me left after the 5th song, so I placed my camera (lens cap on) in his seat, pointed the mic at JT & recorded the audio.
- Possibly because the camera was knocked, the audio changes to mono (track 12 & first 24 seconds of track 13)
- JT started the evening off by insulting one of Manhattan's crown jewels, Lincoln Center; calling Damrosch Park a "parking lot".
- JT's performance was solid but he became distracted by people who walked in front of the stage. Some went about their business while others were self absorbed & stopped to take a snapshot. There was a causeway between the front row & the stage that people used to go to & from the bathroom & or purchase various sundries. It wasn't until JT mentioned this that people started to wave as they walked by. Then it became, let's walk up front and get a snapshot of you favorite front man, some shameless fools took selfies. Some stopped & shouted inane things like "let's all dance to these sad song." One yahoo had the audacity to show JT the pic he took. JT's deadpan response, "thanks I know what I look like." One self centered child was bellowing, "Casino Queen". One simple word from JT took care of that, "No." That didn't stop this self absorbed misfit from singing over the top of everyone & dancing like no one was watching. She even went so far as to record herself dancing in her battery powered, flashing white, unicorn head band. Need I say more??
- Ending on the positive. Jeff sounded great. He never stopped to change guitars & as best I could tell did the show without a setlist. Anytime JT or Wilco pull off New Madrid or We've Been Had is a highlight for me. His rendering of Plateau was greatly appreciated by this life long Meat Puppets fan & his acoustic rendering of Ashes of American Flags was stelar. An after show highlight was provided by Lincoln Center. They marked the occasion with the "Shine a Light" puppeteers milling round the fountain of Josie Robertson Plaza. Hence the cover art.

- setlist -
t01 - Bombs Above
t02 - Some Birds
t03 - I Am Trying to Break Your Heart (Wilco)
t04 - Empty Corner (Wilco)
t05 - Don't Forget
t06 - New Madrid (Uncle Tupelo)
t07 - Having Been Is No Way To Be
t08 - White Wooden Cross (Wilco)
t09 - Impossible Germany (Wilco)
t10 - Marque Moon [in parts] (Television)
t11 - Plateau (Meat Puppets)
t12 - I Know What It's Like
t13 - Hummingbird (Wilco)
t14 - You and I (Wilco)
t15 - Guaranteed
t16 - Jesus, Etc. (Wilco)
t17 - Family Ghost
t18 - Evergreen
t19 - Ashes of American Flags (Wilco)
t20 - We've Been Had (Uncle Tupelo)
t21 - Lets Go Rain
t22 - I'm The Man Who Loves You (Wilco)

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[J.Noel 02 August 2019]

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