Jen Hartswick SuperJam
Jam Cruise -- Pool Deck
Schoeps mk22 -> kc5 -> cmc6 -> Sound Devices 722 cf card -> Laptop -> Wavelab 7 -> cdwav -> Traders Little Helper -> Azeurus
Recorded by Steve Bazley

I was late getting to the start of this set and had an issue with either the Sound Devices 722 or the CF card. Looking at the recording this set instead of being 1 track was showing up as 3 separate tracks and each time it created a new track it glitched the recording and dropped some samples, below are the times when it glitched:
1st -- At 41 seconds
2nd -- at 1 minute 24 seconds

I was the only one recording on the pool deck and from what I understand there are no Cruise Tunes this year so I'm uploading this with its recording faults