Enjoy this set by the remarkable Jennifer Warnes.

defect: very mild hiss during talk segments

New York City, NY -- Bottom Line
1977-09-05 -- 28:03

01. -MC intro-
02. I'm Dreaming
03. -talk-
04. She'll Have to Go
05. -talk-
06. Love Hurts
07. Right Time of the Night
08. -talk-
09. When the Feeling Comes Around
10. Don't Lead Me On
11. -talk-
12. Daddy Don't Go

t02: Gary Osborne, Richard Kerr
t04: Harlan Howard
t05: Boudleaux Bryant, Felice Bryant
t07: Peter McCann
t09: Rick Cunha
t10: Doug Haywood
t12 : Jennifer Warnes

Source: FM > ? > trade cassette (low gen)
Transferred by stevemtl: cassette > Nak Dragon > Lucid AD9624 (mod) > R40 (24/96) > SD chip > HD
Mastered and posted to DIME by stevemtl on 2018-10-28:
HD > Soundforge (at 24/96: trim, edit, fades, L2 level adjust) > R8brain (downsample to 24/44.1) > Soundforge (L2 dither to 16/44.1) > CDwave (track cut) > TLH (flac level 8, ffp, md5) > TLH (torrent) > DIME

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