Jerry Joseph & the Jackmormons
10/5/1999 -
Windows On The Cumberland,
Nashville, TN
**Acoustic Show**

Set 1-
1. tuning, intro>
2. Beautiful Child Of God>
3. Altar In Your Box>
4. The Jump>
5. Pumpkin Time
6. Good Sunday $$
7. Easter
8. 1936 Jesus
9. Golden American
10. Muscle (fades out)
11. Pink Light
12. North

Set 2-
1. tuning, intro
2. Most Beautiful Day>
3. Hallelujah Trail
4. Mountain Home
5. Light Is Like Water
6. Hearts Gone Blind> #
7. Back In the Hole
8. Get Down>
9. Road To Damascus> ^^
10. K-Line> **
11. Wishing Well>
12. Climb To Safety @
13.E: Two Balloons>
14. Amazing Grace ++

$$=w/ "jackie wilson said (i'm in heaven when you smile)" rap
#=w/ "flying cowboys" rap>"flying cowboys" rap interweaved
^^=w/ extended jam opening
**=w/ "Ain't No Way"
@=w/ "look out in the distance" testifyin' opening & "calling out your name" rap
++=w/ "amazing grace (trad.)" rap

Total: 3:02:57

cover tunes & their corresponding artists/writers:
"jackie wilson said (i'm in heaven when you smile)" - Van Morrison, artist; Van Morrison, writer
"hearts gone blind" - Little Women, artist; Jerry Joseph, writer
"flying cowboys" - Rickie Lee Jones, artist; Sal Bernardi/Rickie Lee Jones/Pascal Nabet-Meyer, writers
"wishing well" - Terence Trent D'Arby, artist; Terence Trent D'Arby/Sean Oliver, writers
"amazing grace (trad.)" - traditional Christian hymn published in 1779; words written in 1772 by English poet John Newton

Jerry Joseph - acoustic guitar, vox
Jr.Ruppel - bass, b.vox
Brad Rosen - drums

Recorded by: Steve Beatty
--plus--dc offset, EQ, PD&Norm, lc, CD extraction CR, dropout fixes/fudges,
SBE fixes, RT, FR, crossfades, fades & info research by Bill Mulvey--2/2021.

vanillag NOTES:
--multiple issues were fixed in this beauty to make it even more beauteous
--fixed many, many spiky clicks that were caused during the CD extract (seen these things in the past)...they are gone now
--also removed many clicks of other various origins that shouldn't be in there
--I was gonna remove all the bass clicks caused by Jr's pickup, but that would take weeks & weeks to do them all...
better to just enjoy it--hahaha!! I fixed some of the loudest ones however
--I was able to cleanly remove 3 bursts of feedback in Set 1; 1 burst in Set 2
--At around 4:21 into Set1t10, there is about a 10 second fade out ending the song early. I assume this was done to change
to another CDR while recording...I have no idea how much of the tune is missing, but probably not much.
--At 12:16 into set2t12, I applied a 2.5 second crossfade to skip over an abrupt cut & get to the encore tuning (this happens
where there was obviously a recording pause).
--there seems to have been a less than optimal extract from the CD during the opening guitar section of "Easter" causing
strange skipping & clicking...I fixed all the clicks, but can't do much about the weird skipping effect--maybe that was
intentional on JJ's part, who knows.