Jerry Joseph & the Jackmormons
8/10/2002 -
The Mint, Hailey, ID
"This One's For Mikey!!"

Set 1-
1. tuning, intro>
2. Light Is Like Water>
3. Just Over In the Glory Land>
4. Brother Michael>
5. Climb To Safety @
6. Both Of You>
7. The Kind Of Place

Set 2-
1. tuning, intro>
2. Most Beautiful Day>
3. Conscious Contact **
4. Sometimes You Just Lose It>
5. Mountain Song>
6. Mountain Home
7. Cool Hand Love
8. The Monkey>
9. Sparkle>
10. Pearl Of Great Price
11. Hearts Gone Blind #

@=w/ "calling out your name>i saw the light>bottom of the well" raps
**=w/ "death ruminations>on the road/death story" raps & "rest in peace for Mikey" shoutout ending
#=w/ "Fire On the Mountain (incl.'scarlet begonias' jams interwoven at times)" &
"the heart of the matter>flying cowboys" raps & "most beautiful day" rap ending

Total: 2:45:45

cover tunes & their corresponding artists/writers:
"just over in the glory land" - Mainer's Mountaineers, artist (1st release in 1938); James W.Acuff/Emmett S.Dean, writers
"i saw the light" - Hank Williams with His Drifting Cowboys, artist (1st recording on 4/21/1947); Hank Williams, writer
"most beautiful day" - Little Women, artist; Jerry Joseph, writer
"mountain song" - Jane's Addistion, artist; Perry Farrell (lyrics)/
[Eric Avery/Dave Navarro/Stephen Perkins/Perry Farrell] (music), writers
"hearts gone blind" - Little Women, artist; Jerry Joseph, writer
"fire on the mountain" - Grateful Dead, artist; Mickey Hart/Robert Hunter, writers
"scarlet begonias" - Grateful Dead, artist; Jerry Garcia/Robert Hunter, writers
"the heart of the matter" - Don Henley, artist; Mike Campbell/Don Henley/J.D.Souther, writers
"flying cowboys" - Rickie Lee Jones, artist; Sal Bernardi/Rickie Lee Jones/Pascal Nabet-Meyer, writers

Jerry Joseph - guitar, vox
Junior Ruppel - bass, b.vox
Brad Rosen - drums, percussion

Jim Bull - foh sound

**16 bit source**
Source: sbd
Transfer: dat>cd>eac>soundforge>(fades)>cd wave>flac
Transferred by Craig Davis
--plus--dc offset, Mix, lc, VC, EQ, PD&Norm, FR, CR, RT, fades & info research by Bill Mulvey--3/2021.

vanillag NOTES:
--This one's for Mikey!!: Michael Houser sadly passed on this afternoon at his home in Athens, GA from complications
related to pancreatic cancer - the whole night is inspired by & dedicated to him w/ shoutouts & references throughout.
--the sound on this show, while nice & clear, was a little strange with the stereo imaging in that Jerry's vox & guitar were
mostly panned to the right & the drums mostly panned to the left (bass up the middle)'s a little off-putting/distracting to
listen to the show this way (IMO) so I mixed the channels together to make things more balanced--this makes the
proceedings in glorious mono, of course, but since the stereo imaging here was so bizarre, I felt the sacrifice was worth it to
bring the sound more in balance & make it an improved listening experience (again, IMO)
--there wasn't much bass nearly at all in this thing when I started...there is now--hahaha!!
--combed thru & removed many little clicks in this show that I discovered (both loud & soft ones)
--smoothed out a huge volume change 'jump' in the recording at the beginning of the show where the recording volume was
suddenly jacked down (about a 7db difference!!)
--was able to cleanly remove 3 bad bits of feedback in Set 1; removed an additional 21 bad bits of feedback in Set 2
--put a bunch of careful, detailed love into this & feel like it came out much, much better.
--wish we could all go to that party at Farmer Brown's in Boise the next afternoon that JJ mentions (set2t10 after tune)