Jethro Tull_1975-10-17 Hulman Center � Terre Haute, IN

This audience recording was received in a cassette trade from Gordon Stewart around the early 80's. Probably third generation.

Lineage: (2) TDK-SA C90 tapes > Tascam 302 > Sony PCM M-10 at 96/24 Wave
files > Audacity for volume adjustment > CD Wave Editor V. 1.98 for
tracking > 96/24 and converted to FLAC using Trader's Little Helper
V2.8.3.182. Tape and conversion and editing by Michael Cariola.

01_Audience Announcement (1:29)
02_Thick as a Brick (13:56)
03_Minstrel in the Gallery (8:20)
04_Wond'ring Aloud (4:16)
05_To Cry You a Song (w/Flute Solo) (3:07)
06_A New Day Yesterday (12:15)
07_Skating Away on the Thin Ice of the New Day (9:53)
08_Ladies (w/Drum Solo) (10:19)
09_War Child (4:44)
10_War Child Suite/Quartet (6:03)
11_Cross-Eyed Mary (3:08)
12_Bungle in the Jungle (2:58)
13_The Story of the Hare Who Lost His Spectacles (1:05)
14_Aqualung (10:29)


15_Wind-Up (7:52)
16_Back-Door Angels (3:57)
17_Locomotive Breath (5:08)
18_Hard-Headed English General (4:07)
19_Back-Door Angels (reprise) (1:27)

Total Time: (113:33)