Jim Lauderdale
Rusty Rail Brewing Company
Mifflinburg PA
2018-11-02 Friday
71'F 49%RH

Source: (1) BSCS-L > Apogee Mini-Me Rev. C > Edirol OCM R-44
(2) SBD > Edirol OCM R-44
(3) JB-mod NAK CM-300 (CP-1'S) > Edirol OCM R-44
(4) JB-mod NAK CM-300 (CP-3'S) > Edirol OCM R-44
Soundman : John Rattie
Location : FOB sweet spot
Transfer: Audacity > r8brain > CD Wave > TLH
Recorded and matrixed by capnhook

d1t01 Seems Like You're Gonna Take Me Back > The Hummingbirds
d1t02 I'll Forgive You If You Don't
d1t03 Where The Cars Go By Fast
d1t04 Time Flies
d1t05 When I Held The Cards In My Hand
d1t06 Slow As Molasses
d1t07 The Road Is A River
d1t08 Wild On Me Fast
d1t09 -chicken crickets-
d1t10 Violet
d1t11 -a tape at the bottom of a box-
d1t12 Forgive And Forget
d1t13 Planet Of Love
d1t14 -song requests-
d1t15 Alligator Alley
d1t16 I'm On Your Side
d1t17 -banter-
d1t18 I Lost The Job Of Loving You
d2t01 Different Kind Of Groove Some Time
d2t02 You Came To Get Me
d2t03 I Love You More
d2t04 Headed For The Hills
d2t05 It Blows My Mind
d2t06 The King Of Broken Hearts
d2t07 Halfway Down
d2t08 Hole In My Head

Never For Sale.
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Jim Lauderdale - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals

Thank you to Markus for iZotope RX work on d1t05, d1t07, d1t10, and d2t03.


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