Jim Lauderdale And Friends
T-Dawg's 9th Annual Holiday Hootenanny For Atlanta Habitat For Humanity
Variety Playhouse
Atlanta, Georgia

Source: Schoeps CCM4V's>Lunatec V2>Sound Devices 722 (24/44.1)
FOB/DRFC/KFC/ZFC/ADA/AARP Clamped To The Front Rail About 25' From Stage, 6 1/2' High
DSP: Sound Devices 722>Sound Forge 10.0>CD Wave>flac(16)
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Recorded By: Z-Man
Seeded By: Z-Man

Disc I

01 Band Introductions By Wildman Steve/Banter
02 Crazy Peg And Darby Doyle
03 *#@I'll Wait For You
04 *#@Tiger And The Monkey
05 *#@Trouble Maker
06 *#@Love's Voice
07 *#@Iodine
08 *#@^+$Headed For The Hills

* With Steve "Big Daddy" McMurry On Acoustic Guitar
# With Bobby Miller On Mandolin
@ With Jarod Womack On Dobro
^ Vince Herman On Acoustic Guitar And Vocals
+ Kevin Thomas On Keyboards
$ With Matt Williams On Guitar

Core Band Tracks 02 - 08:

Jim Lauderdale - Acoustic Guitar And Vocals
Drew Emmitt - Mandolin And Vocals
Larry Keel - Electric Guitar And Vocals
Jason Carter - Fiddle And Vocals
Evan Sarver - Stand Up Bass

Reload Band Members:

09 Patchwork River
10 Jawbone
11 *Throw My Bucket Down
12 *#@^We're So Good Together
13 *Ride On
14 *13 Clocks
15 Wildman Steve/Outro

* With Joe Craven On Fiddle
# With Brian Lopes On Saxophone
@ With Daniel Wytanis On Trombone
^ With Joey Sommerville On Trumpet

Core Band Tracks 09 - 14:

Jim Lauderdale - Acoustic Guitar And Vocals
Bill Flemming - Pedal Steel Guitar
Kevin Thomas On Keyboards
Evan Sarver - Stand Up Bass
Richie Jones - Percussion
Guarav Malhotra - Percussion
Matt Williams - Guitar

Show Notes: A terrific show featuring many of our great Atlanta area Musicians. along with many of our favorite Nationally
known artists. On a few of the sets, we had a couple of additional musicians sitting in on percussion. I tried to take good
notes throughout the evening, but was hoping my 4 taping buddies would have some notes on who played on what songs as well.
C'mon Cuz Ed, "Pops", Rage Cage, and Ira.....